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Bix Produce Company LLC Recall 90317

Description: Egg &Cheese Curd Snack/Power Box. Cheese Curds, Hard-Cooked Egg, Apple Wedges, Peanut Butter & Lettuce. Keep Refrigerated. Net Weight (142g/5.0 oz). UPC 46709-00570. Manufactured by: BIX Produce Company, 3600 Centerville Rd, Little Canada, MN 55117

Bix Produce Company LLC Recall 90317 Information

Recall StatusOngoing
Recall Event ID90317
Recall NumberF-1285-2022
Recall DateMay 24, 2022
DistributionIA, MN, ND, SD, WI
Quantity666 units
Recall Mandatory?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Product TypeFood
Food ClassificationClass I
Recall ReasonPotential Salmonella contamination.
Recalling FirmBix Produce Company LLC
Firm Address3060 Centerville Rd
Little Canada, MN, United States 55117-1105
Inital Firm NotificationTelephone
Code InfoUse by Date Range: 4/18/2022 - 05/31/2022 Lot Numbers: P2370420-00, P2370448-00, P2371263-00, P2371953-00, P2372708-00, P2372737-00, P2373486-00, P2374677-00, P2374708-00, P2375483-00, P2375515-00, P2376274-00, P2376996-00, P2377028-00, P2377855-00, P2379202-00, P2379234-00, P2380037-00, P2380882-00, P2380912-00, P2381701-00, P2381733-00, P2382581-00, P2382614-00, P2383921-00, P2383953-00, P2384830-00, P2385676-00, P2385709-00, P2386519-00, P2386551-00, P2387386-00, P2387419-00, P2388742-00, P2388774-00, P2389607-00, P2389640-00, P2390429-00, P2390460-00, P2391243-00, P2391274-00, P2392109-00, P2393405-00, P2393438-00, P2394288-00, P2395102-00, P2395132-00, P2395919-00, P2395948-00, P2396743-00, P2398020-00, P2398051-00.
Report DateJune 22, 2022
Classification DateJune 10, 2022
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