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AMF carbine aquatic spear guns

Description: Aquatic Spear Guns Repaired by AMF Voit NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 1979 Release # 79-027 Aquatic Spear Gun Offer Of Repair WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 13) -- AMF Voit, Inc., a manufacturer of sports and recreational equipment in Santa Ana, California, today announced a voluntary repair program for approximately 97,300 carbine spear guns which may accidentally fire even though the safety catch is engaged. The announcement was made in cooperation with CPSC. The spear guns, which are used by divers to hunt fish and other aquatic life, may contain a defective trigger, possibly allowing the spear to be fired unintentionally. To date, AMF has received 11 consumer complaints about such hazardous malfunctioning of the spear guns. The AMF models have been sold since 1967 under the AMF label by approximately 6,000 retailers, many of them specialty sporting goods shops. One of the retailers, Sears, Roebuck and Company, marketed approximately 1,400 of the spear guns under its private label between 1970 and 1973. The spear guns involved in the repair program are AMF models G-6 and G-7, and Sears model 436.573140. Consumers can identify whether they own either the G-6 or G-7 models by looking for the AMF Wit label on the left side of the grip. NO model numbers are displayed on these spear guns, but the G-6 model is constructed with a 17-inch aluminum barrel, and the G-7 with a 26-inch aluminum barrel. Both models have black plastic handles, (Sketches of these two models are attached.) The Sears model 436.573140 spear gun can be identified by a 17-inch aluminum barrel and by the Sears name and model number, which are displayed on the left side of an orange-colored plastic grip. Consumers who own the AMF or Sears models should disassemble the gun handle assembly (which includes the grip and the trigger) from the gun barrel by removing the screw holding the two parts together. To obtain free replacement parts, the gun handle assembly, along with the shaft of the spear, should be mailed to the nearest AMF Voit outlet listed below. Parts should be mailed by insured fourth class parcel post, with a return receipt requested. All postage costs will be reimbursed fully. Consumers should not return the gun barrel, the spear point or the shock lines. AMF Voit centers accepting faulty parts for replacement are: AMF Voit, Inc. 3801 S. Harbor Boulevard Santa Ana, California 92704 714-546-4220 AMF Voit, Inc. 2601 Lively Boulevard Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007 312-595-7370 AMF Voit, Inc. 29 Essex Street Maywood, New Jersey 07607 201-343-2450 AMF Voit, Inc. 71 Dawson Road Guelph, Ontario, Canada 519-822-1576 Although Sears has received no consumer complaints about the spear gun, it will accept returns of its privately labelled model for modification by AMF Voit. [Learn More]

AMF carbine aquatic spear guns Recall Information

Recall Date06/13/1979
Recall ID3969
Recall Number79027
Product TypeSpear/Dart Guns
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