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Beckman Coulter Inc. Recall 88615

Description: Power Processor 3K, 3K High Speed Stockyards Module Nameplate: PP 3K Stockyard (Refrig) 9707 REF A88116

Beckman Coulter Inc. Recall 88615 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-0117-2022
Event ID88615
Event DescriptionPower Processor 3K, 3K High Speed Stockyards Module Nameplate: PP 3K Stockyard (Refrig) 9707 REF A88116
Product TypeDevices
DistributionU.S. Nationwide Distribution in the states of: CA, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, LA, MA, MI, MS, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, WA, and WV O.U.S.: Canada, China, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and Taiwan. Additional O.U.S. added 12/15/2021 - South Africa
QuantityTotal Units=271 units [258 units (3K and 3K HS); 13 units (5K added 12/15/2021)]
Recall ReasonMissing splash guard which may expose users to hazardous materials. .
Device Classification20211020
Device Code InfoCatalog Number: A88116 - 3K HS Refrigerated Stockyard UDI: 15099590591960 Serial Numbers: 90HF1304006; 90HF1306009; 90HF1303005; 90HF1508005; 90HF1302005; 90HF1610005; 90HF1806001; 90HF1209005; 90HF1303007; 90HF1708006; 90HF1205001; 90HF1805002; 90HF1402005; 90HF1503001; 90HF1104002; 90HF1208004; 90HF1208005; 90HF1203001; 90HF1012004; 90HF1101002; 90HF1702003; 90HF1402004; 90HF1303008; 90HF1210001; 90HF1207001; 90HF1305007; 90HF1305004; 90HF1610001; 90HF1505002; 90HF1307005; 90HF1610002; 90HF1508003; 90HF1210002; 90HF1306001; 90HF1206002; 90HF1208002; 90HF1305008; 90HF1009002; 90HF1101001; Catalog Number: 6915556 - Power Processor 3K Stockyard (Stockyard 3000/R Kit for PWR PROC) Serial Numbers: 90AM0805001; 90AM0902009; 90AM0902005; 90AM0806003; 90AM0801003; 90AM0802002; 90AM0803001; 90AM0912002; 90AM1003002; 90AM0905010; 90AM0801004; 90AM06007008; 90AM060703; 90AM060704; 90AM0710002; 90AM0905007; 90AM0710008; 90AM0903002; 90AM0808002; 90AM0711004; 90AM0711005; 90AM0810001; 90AM0901002; 90AM0905006; 90AM0904004; 90AM0904005; 90AM0803002; 90AM0710004; Amended - additional Products and Codes (12/15/2021): B05520 - Stockyard, 5K HS, Refrigerated Serial Numbers: 90HG1104002; 90HG1101001; 90HG1105002; 90HG1104001; 90HG1101003; 90HG1101002; 90HG1202004; 90HG1102005; 90HG1101004; 90HG1206002; A88115 - 5K HS Refrig Stockyard Serial Numbers: 90HG0911001 90HG0911003 90HG0911002
Center Classification Date20211014
Recall Initiation Date20210728
Recalling FirmBeckman Coulter Inc.
Initial Notification Letter
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