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Caire, Inc. Recall 90999

Description: CAIRE Liberator 45, MODEL 13262253, Liquid Oxygen System Unit

Caire, Inc. Recall 90999 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-0337-2023
Event ID90999
Event DescriptionCAIRE Liberator 45, MODEL 13262253, Liquid Oxygen System Unit
Product TypeDevices
DistributionUS Nationwide - Worldwide Distribution: CA, NC, OH, AZ, and Canada, Chile, Colombia, and Germany
Quantity70 devices
Recall ReasonAn audit discovered some inconsistencies in weld penetration on the longitudinal weld seam on the inner bottle of the device on some of the units.
Device Classification20221214
Device Code InfoUDI/DI M766132622530, Serial Numbers: CBB3022311044, CBB3022311042, CBB3022311043, CBB3022311040, CBB3022311242, CBB3022311098, CBB3022311093, CBB3022311094, CBB3022311077, CBB3022311053, CBB3022311049, CBB3022311065, CBB3022311051, CBB3022311075, CBB3022311078, CBB3022311097, CBB3022311096, CBB3022311079, CBB3022311045, CBB3022311046, CBB3022311236, CBB3022311230, CBB3022311217, CBB3022311231, CBB3022311164, CBB3022311225, CBB3022311226, CBB3022311133, CBB3022311192, CBB3022311163, CBB3022311216, CBB3022311228, CBB3022311227, CBB3022311162, CBB3022311198, CBB3022311211, CBB3022311202, CBB3022311155, CBB3022311135, CBB3022311171, CBB3022311121, CBB3022311106, CBB3022311109, CBB3022311108, CBB3022311084, CBB3022311083, CBB3022311092, CBB3022311081, CBB3022311082, CBB3022311141, CBB3022311131, CBB3022311136, CBB3022311183, CBB3022311178, CBB3022311130, CBB3022311179, CBB3022311139, CBB3022311177, CBB3022311105, CBB3022311146, CBB3022311172, CBB3022311140, CBB3022311125, CBB3022311169, CBB3022311068, CBB3022311176, CBB3022311170, CBB3022311180, CBB3022311057, CBB3022311129
Center Classification Date20221202
Recall Initiation Date20221010
Recalling FirmCaire, Inc.
Initial Notification E-Mail
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