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Medtronic Inc., Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure (CRHF) Recall 89054

Description: Medical Device Identification Cards associated with Sprint Quattro Lead, Product/CFN 6935M72

Medtronic Inc., Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure (CRHF) Recall 89054 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-0390-2022
Event ID89054
Event DescriptionMedical Device Identification Cards associated with Sprint Quattro Lead, Product/CFN 6935M72
Product TypeDevices
DistributionUS, Canada, Northern Mariana Islands
Quantity187 Medical Device Cards
Recall ReasonThe back of some Medical Device Identification Cards provided to patients were printed with an erroneous statement stating the following: "This patient has a complete MR conditional system implanted."
Device Classification20211222
Device Code InfoSprint Quattro Lead, Product/CFN 6935M72, UDI 00643169550919, Serial Numbers: TDL440798V, TDL475850V, TDL473645V, TDL386490V, TDL446689V, TDL458696V, TDL398634V, TDL440035V, TDL458694V, TDL397987V, TDL469404V, TDL469730V, TDL469411V, TDL473637V, TDL434492V, TDL433920V, TDL469403V, TDL397982V, TDL448256V, TDL398632V, TDL424268V, TDL448531V, TDL458699V, TDL460247V, TDL410929V, TDL405398V, TDL440809V, TDL448519V, TDL410295V, TDL410332V, TDL445702V, TDL368164V, TDL378146V, TDL446690V, TDL386481V, TDL458695V, TDL448518V, TDL448258V, TDL433896V, TDL446674V, TDL397974V, TDL386494V, TDL429017V, TDL397966V, TDL369718V, TDL424266V, TDL445620V, TDL445705V, TDL440984V, TDL440027V, TDL386489V, TDL403279V, TDL405769V, TDL434493V, TDL440803V, TDL445618V, TDL448527V, TDL433902V, TDL440971V, TDL440977V, TDL393417V, TDL433899V, TDL445712V, TDL403276V, TDL410915V, TDL433921V, TDL410334V, TDL414801V, TDL395189V, TDL429015V, TDL410291V, TDL410296V, TDL445703V, TDL368162V, TDL397975V, TDL393407V, TDL401828V, TDL423546V, TDL410331V, TDL431773V, TDL345939V, TDL350436V, TDL410916V, TDL368172V, TDL386480V, TDL440026V, TDL386477V, TDL410328V, TDL410301V, TDL410912V, TDL397992V, TDL344964V, TDL397985V, TDL431745V, TDL349616V, TDL405394V, TDL369722V, TDL433898V, TDL433909V, TDL424273V, TDL393401V, TDL423555V, TDL424267V, TDL397955V, TDL410905V, TDL349118V, TDL423556V, TDL350442V, TDL386479V, TDL368161V, TDL431777V, TDL431778V, TDL330398V, TDL381963V, TDL326160V, TDL345936V, TDL414787V, TDL386499V, TDL424269V, TDL386495V, TDL397967V, TDL405399V, TDL327272V, TDL405767V, TDL386493V, TDL315797V, TDL414793V, TDL386486V, TDL410341V, TDL386487V, TDL361821V, TDL386476V, TDL397983V, TDL312450V, TDL395193V, TDL378138V, TDL393408V, TDL337172V, TDL321443V, TDL395190V, TDL386496V, TDL397977V, TDL326159V, TDL369709V, TDL386497V, TDL369720V, TDL397958V, TDL298585V, TDL321456V, TDL386483V, TDL369713V, TDL397973V, TDL386498V, TDL386485V, TDL349115V, TDL336148V, TDL393409V, TDL344961V, TDL350065V, TDL337169V, TDL393405V, TDL349559V, TDL343795V, TDL393400V, TDL294118V, TDL393403V, TDL316186V, TDL368175V, TDL337170V, TDL326110V, TDL316181V, TDL323585V, TDL321171V, TDL315812V, TDL316169V, TDL276334V, TDL298584V, TDL199017V UDI 00613994718877, Serial Numbers: TDL098796V, TDL046363V, TDL016560V, TDL016558V, TDL016557V, TDL002704V, TDL010685V UDI 00643169309784, Serial Numbers: TDL192485V, TDL187462V
Center Classification Date20211216
Recall Initiation Date20211108
Recalling FirmMedtronic Inc., Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure (CRHF)
Initial Notification Letter
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