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Medtronic Neuromodulation Recall 89799

Description: MEDTRONIC INTERSTIM THERAPY SYSTEM FOR URINARY CONTROL, which includes the following: a) Handset with Communicator, Model Numbers: 1) TH90Q01, 2) TH90QFA, 3) TH90PFA, 4) TH90GFA, 5) TG90G01; b) InterStim X Clinician Therapy Application Software, Model Number A51300; and c) InterStim x "My Therapy" Patient Therapy Application Software, Model Number A52300

Medtronic Neuromodulation Recall 89799 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-0998-2022
Event ID89799
Event DescriptionMEDTRONIC INTERSTIM THERAPY SYSTEM FOR URINARY CONTROL, which includes the following: a) Handset with Communicator, Model Numbers: 1) TH90Q01, 2) TH90QFA, 3) TH90PFA, 4) TH90GFA, 5) TG90G01; b) InterStim X Clinician Therapy Application Software, Model Number A51300; and c) InterStim x "My Therapy" Patient Therapy Application Software, Model Number A52300
Product TypeDevices
DistributionUS Nationwide distribution in the states of FL, IL, WI, TX, CA, ND, NC, KY, AR, MO, MN, OH, CO, KS, MS, SC, LA, WA, PA, IN, SD, MI, WV, AL, GA, TN, VA, IA.
Quantity1005 units
Recall ReasonThere is a software anomaly with the InterStim X Clinician software application with results in the data entered in the Patient Information fields not e retained and a " Data Lost" notification being displayed.
Device Classification20220504
Device Code Infoa) Model Numbers: 1) TH90Q01, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000582470, Serial Numbers: NPF0000074, NPF0000075, NPF0000096, NPF0000097, NPF0000109, NPF0000197, NPF0000238, NPF0000263, NPF0000264, NPF0000270, NPF0000271, NPF0000284, NPF0000292, NPF0000379, NPF0000414, NPF0000422, NPF0000440, NPF0000458, NPF0000463, NPF0000480, NPF0000501, NPF0000515, NPF0000516, NPF0000517, NPF0000519, NPF0000537, NPF0000555, NPF0000618, NPF0000656, NPF0000691, NPF0000715, NPF0000784, NPF0000786, NPF0000828, NPF0000889, NPF0000908, NPF0000913, NPF0000915, NPF0000930, NPF0000931, NPF0001006, NPF0001045, NPF0001057, NPF0001058, NPF0001059, NPF0001060, NPF0001130, NPF0001135, NPF0001136, NPF0001154, NPF0001199, NPF0001267, NPF0001391, NPF0001403, NPF0001458, NPF0001485, NPF0001492, NPF0001493, NPF0001498, NPF0001502, NPF0001511, NPF0001620, NPF0001674, NPF0001713, NPF0001716, NPF0001758, NPF0001797, NPF0001824, NPF0001841, NPF0001868, NPF0001879, NPF0001893, NPF0001894, NPF0001900, NPF0001928, NPF0001931, NPF0002020, NPF0002025, NPF0002077, NPF0002078, NPF0002079, NPF0002102, NPF0002105, NPF0002117, NPF0002127, NPF0000060, NPF0000061, NPF0000063, NPF0000070, NPF0000099, NPF0000100, NPF0000116, NPF0000160, NPF0000291, NPF0000330, NPF0000465, NPF0000476, NPF0000477, NPF0000613, NPF0000614, NPF0000615, NPF0000617, NPF0000619, NPF0000654, NPF0000655, NPF0000690, NPF0000709, NPF0000711, NPF0000755, NPF0000756, NPF0000779, NPF0000804, NPF0000807, NPF0000823, NPF0000871, NPF0000880, NPF0000907, NPF0000977, NPF0000983, NPF0001000, NPF0001119, NPF0001145, NPF0001152, NPF0001158, NPF0001161, NPF0001188, NPF0001192, NPF0001208, NPF0001387, NPF0001456, NPF0001516, NPF0001554, NPF0001759, NPF0001781, NPF0002048, NPF0002076, NPF0002369, NPF0003037, NPF0003054, NPF0003386, NPF0000186, NPF0000222, NPF0000269, NPF0000289, NPF0000295, NPF0000296, NPF0000310, NPF0000319, NPF0000341, NPF0000766, NPF0001194, NPF0001209, NPF0001210, NPF0001213, NPF0001268, NPF0001278, NPF0001281, NPF0001291, NPF0001295, NPF0001319, NPF0001345, NPF0001357, NPF0001361, NPF0001362, NPF0001390, NPF0001420, NPF0001425, NPF0001555, NPF0001565, NPF0001618, NPF0001776, NPF0001898, NPF0001975, NPF0001984, NPF0002064, NPF0002080, NPF0002084, NPF0002085, NPF0002090, NPF0002144, NPF0002216, NPF0002229, NPF0002608, NPF0002622, NPF0002646, NPF0001820, NPF0001823, NPF0000064, NPF0000073, NPF0000085, NPF0000086, NPF0000088, NPF0000089, NPF0000091, NPF0000092, NPF0000095, NPF0000102, NPF0000103, NPF0000105, NPF0000107, NPF0000110, NPF0000117, NPF0000129, NPF0000130, NPF0000131, NPF0000150, NPF0000156, NPF0000158, NPF0000161, NPF0000172, NPF0000173, NPF0000174, NPF0000175, NPF0000176, NPF0000178, NPF0000179, NPF0000180, NPF0000181, NPF0000187, NPF0000192, NPF0000196, NPF0000198, NPF0000199, NPF0000203, NPF0000209, NPF0000210, NPF0000211, NPF0000212, NPF0000213, NPF0000214, NPF0000218, NPF0000221, NPF0000223, NPF0000234, NPF0000237, NPF0000244, NPF0000245, NPF0000246, NPF0000247, NPF0000248, NPF0000250, NPF0000256, NPF0000260, NPF0000266, NPF0000272, NPF0000277, NPF0000294, NPF0000298, NPF0000300, NPF0000301, NPF0000302, NPF0000303, NPF0000305, NPF0000309, NPF0000311, NPF0000312, NPF0000313, NPF0000320, NPF0000336, NPF0000340, NPF0000342, NPF0000345, NPF0000350, NPF0000353, NPF0000354, NPF0000357, NPF0000358, NPF0000364, NPF0000368, NPF0000369, NPF0000389, NPF0000393, NPF0000395, NPF0000397, NPF0000403, NPF0000404, NPF0000436, NPF0000438, NPF0000442, NPF0000447, NPF0000454, NPF0000459, NPF0000460, NPF0000461, NPF0000462, NPF0000471, NPF0000488, NPF0000497, NPF0000514, NPF0000518, NPF0000520, NPF0000521, NPF0000522, NPF0000524, NPF0000525, NPF0000526, NPF0000528, NPF0000530, NPF0000532, NPF0000539, NPF0000561, NPF0000564, NPF0000567, NPF0000568, NPF0000581, NPF0000587, NPF0000588, NPF0000606, NPF0000621, NPF0000623, NPF0000626, NPF0000638, NPF0000639, NPF0000643, NPF0000645, NPF0000650, NPF0000653, NPF0000657, NPF0000659, NPF0000660, NPF0000661, NPF0000676, NPF0000680, NPF0000683, NPF0000684, NPF0000686, NPF0000687, NPF0000689, NPF0000694, NPF0000704, NPF0000707, NPF0000712, NPF0000713, NPF0000714, NPF0000717, NPF0000720, NPF0000724, NPF0000728, NPF0000732, NPF0000737, NPF0000748, NPF0000750, NPF0000754, NPF0000758, NPF0000759, NPF0000761, NPF0000762, NPF0000763, NPF0000772, NPF0000775, NPF0000781, NPF0000783, NPF0000789, NPF0000794, NPF0000798, NPF0000805, NPF0000808, NPF0000809, NPF0000811, NPF0000812, NPF0000822, NPF0000824, NPF0000825, NPF0000826, NPF0000829, NPF0000830, NPF0000831, NPF0000832, NPF0000838, NPF0000840, NPF0000844, NPF0000846, NPF0000849, NPF0000863, NPF0000864, NPF0000865, NPF0000866, NPF0000868, NPF0000869, NPF0000870, NPF0000872, NPF0000882, NPF0000883, NPF0000886, NPF0000887, NPF0000890, NPF0000891, NPF0000892, NPF0000895, NPF0000903, NPF0000904, NPF0000906, NPF0000909, NPF0000911, NPF0000916, NPF0000918, NPF0000919, NPF0000920, NPF0000921, NPF0000923, NPF0000926, NPF0000928, NPF0000935, NPF0000948, NPF0000954, NPF0000959, NPF0000960, NPF0000962, NPF0000963, NPF0000965, NPF0000979, NPF0000980, NPF0000982, NPF0000993, NPF0000997, NPF0001001, NPF0001010, NPF0001018, NPF0001019, NPF0001024, NPF0001029, NPF0001031, NPF0001039, NPF0001040, NPF0001042, NPF0001044, NPF0001047, NPF0001049, NPF0001061, NPF0001062, NPF0001064, NPF0001067, NPF0001069, NPF0001070, NPF0001071, NPF0001072, NPF0001073, NPF0001074, NPF0001075, NPF0001076, NPF0001077, NPF0001078, NPF0001079, NPF0001080, NPF0001081, NPF0001083, NPF0001089, NPF0001090, NPF0001096, NPF0001099, NPF0001100, NPF0001105, NPF0001113, NPF0001114, NPF0001127, NPF0001131, NPF0001134, NPF0001148, NPF0001149, NPF0001150, NPF0001151, NPF0001156, NPF0001175, NPF0001178, NPF0001179, NPF0001180, NPF0001181, NPF0001182, NPF0001183, NPF0001184, NPF0001185, NPF0001187, NPF0001189, NPF0001190, NPF0001195, NPF0001205, NPF0001212, NPF0001240, NPF0001260, NPF0001264, NPF0001270, NPF0001273, NPF0001275, NPF0001277, NPF0001283, NPF0001289, NPF0001293, NPF0001294, NPF0001299, NPF0001316, NPF0001321, NPF0001327, NPF0001334, NPF0001339, NPF0001341, NPF0001342, NPF0001347, NPF0001359, NPF0001360, NPF0001366, NPF0001368, NPF0001370, NPF0001374, NPF0001378, NPF0001385, NPF0001393, NPF0001397, NPF0001398, NPF0001406, NPF0001407, NPF0001412, NPF0001413, NPF0001422, NPF0001423, NPF0001424, NPF0001426, NPF0001428, NPF0001429, NPF0001430, NPF0001431, NPF0001432, NPF0001433, NPF0001434, NPF0001436, NPF0001437, NPF0001445, NPF0001451, NPF0001452, NPF0001454, NPF0001455, NPF0001460, NPF0001461, NPF0001463, NPF0001464, NPF0001466, NPF0001467, NPF0001481, NPF0001484, NPF0001496, NPF0001499, NPF0001500, NPF0001503, NPF0001504, NPF0001508, NPF0001510, NPF0001513, NPF0001514, NPF0001520, NPF0001521, NPF0001522, NPF0001523, NPF0001526, NPF0001527, NPF0001528, NPF0001530, NPF0001532, NPF0001535, NPF0001536, NPF0001539, NPF0001540, NPF0001543, NPF0001550, NPF0001551, NPF0001556, NPF0001560, NPF0001562, NPF0001563, NPF0001570, NPF0001574, NPF0001576, NPF0001577, NPF0001578, NPF0001579, NPF0001585, NPF0001588, NPF0001604, NPF0001608, NPF0001621, NPF0001625, NPF0001626, NPF0001627, NPF0001628, NPF0001629, NPF0001633, NPF0001635, NPF0001636, NPF0001638, NPF0001645, NPF0001649, NPF0001650, NPF0001652, NPF0001653, NPF0001654, NPF0001656, NPF0001657, NPF0001668, NPF0001671, NPF0001672, NPF0001673, NPF0001681, NPF0001684, NPF0001690, NPF0001691, NPF0001692, NPF0001694, NPF0001698, NPF0001700, NPF0001703, NPF0001706, NPF0001707, NPF0001710, NPF0001714, NPF0001715, NPF0001718, NPF0001735, NPF0001741, NPF0001745, NPF0001747, NPF0001749, NPF0001750, NPF0001754, NPF0001755, NPF0001762, NPF0001763, NPF0001766, NPF0001767, NPF0001769, NPF0001775, NPF0001786, NPF0001789, NPF0001800, NPF0001803, NPF0001826, NPF0001837, NPF0001842, NPF0001843, NPF0001847, NPF0001857, NPF0001859, NPF0001876, NPF0001877, NPF0001880, NPF0001884, NPF0001886, NPF0001889, NPF0001892, NPF0001895, NPF0001906, NPF0001917, NPF0001929, NPF0001932, NPF0001934, NPF0001936, NPF0001937, NPF0001939, NPF0001940, NPF0001941, NPF0001942, NPF0001943, NPF0001946, NPF0001948, NPF0001949, NPF0001950, NPF0001951, NPF0001952, NPF0001954, NPF0001956, NPF0001957, NPF0001959, NPF0001960, NPF0001962, NPF0001970, NPF0001974, NPF0001976, NPF0001978, NPF0001981, NPF0001982, NPF0001985, NPF0001987, NPF0001988, NPF0001996, NPF0001997, NPF0001998, NPF0001999, NPF0002000, NPF0002004, NPF0002006, NPF0002008, NPF0002010, NPF0002011, NPF0002014, NPF0002015, NPF0002019, NPF0002022, NPF0002026, NPF0002034, NPF0002038, NPF0002044, NPF0002046, NPF0002049, NPF0002051, NPF0002054, NPF0002062, NPF0002071, NPF0002074, NPF0002096, NPF0002097, NPF0002098, NPF0002099, NPF0002100, NPF0002101, NPF0002106, NPF0002109, NPF0002110, NPF0002111, NPF0002113, NPF0002114, NPF0002124, NPF0002125, NPF0002131, NPF0002132, NPF0002138, NPF0002140, NPF0002142, NPF0002146, NPF0002150, NPF0002152, NPF0002154, NPF0002155, NPF0002156, NPF0002158, NPF0002163, NPF0002165, NPF0002166, NPF0002169, NPF0002172, NPF0002173, NPF0002178, NPF0002182, NPF0002183, NPF0002186, NPF0002187, NPF0002194, NPF0002196, NPF0002210, NPF0002219, NPF0002224, NPF0002230, NPF0002236, NPF0002238, NPF0002250, NPF0002256, NPF0002266, NPF0002271, NPF0002286, NPF0002288, NPF0002300, NPF0002314, NPF0002317, NPF0002327, NPF0002328, NPF0002333, NPF0002346, NPF0002348, NPF0002351, NPF0002352, NPF0002355, NPF0002361, NPF0002364, NPF0002378, NPF0002380, NPF0002381, NPF0002384, NPF0002399, NPF0002405, NPF0002406, NPF0002408, NPF0002411, NPF0002414, NPF0002415, NPF0002422, NPF0002423, NPF0002425, NPF0002432, NPF0002456, NPF0002459, NPF0002462, NPF0002463, NPF0002471, NPF0002484, NPF0002485, NPF0002486, NPF0002490, NPF0002497, NPF0002502, NPF0002506, NPF0002509, NPF0002548, NPF0002572, NPF0002573, NPF0002577, NPF0002581, NPF0002582, NPF0002584, NPF0002586, NPF0002610, NPF0002612, NPF0002619, NPF0002621, NPF0002623, NPF0002624, NPF0002626, NPF0002632, NPF0002641, NPF0002642, NPF0002647, NPF0002649, NPF0002655, NPF0002658, NPF0002660, NPF0002674, 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NPF0002959, NPF0002961, NPF0002962, NPF0002964, NPF0002965, NPF0002966, NPF0002968, NPF0002969, NPF0002970, NPF0002971, NPF0002972, NPF0002973, NPF0002974, NPF0002975, NPF0002977, NPF0002978, NPF0002979, NPF0002984, NPF0002988, NPF0002989, NPF0002993, NPF0002994, NPF0002995, NPF0002996, NPF0002998, NPF0003011, NPF0003012, NPF0003016, NPF0003020, NPF0003021, NPF0003022, NPF0003023, NPF0003024, NPF0003025, NPF0003026, NPF0003027, NPF0003028, NPF0003029, NPF0003031, NPF0003032, NPF0003033, NPF0003034, NPF0003035, NPF0003036, NPF0003038, NPF0003039, NPF0003040, NPF0003045, NPF0003049, NPF0003056 2) TH90QFA, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000582487, Serial Numbers: NPF0000658, NPF0000662, NPF0000673, NPF0000678 3) TH90PFA, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000433871, Serial Numbers: NPT0001313, NPT0051480, NPT0021804, NPT0051392, NPT0051144, NPT0001294, NPT0049798, NPT0053021, NPT0050685, NPT0001633, NPT0021799, NPT0051778, NPT0050614, NPT0001690 4) TH90GFA, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000187231, Serial Numbers: NPO0014927, NPO0011973, NPO0012969, NPO0041785, NPO0013871, NPO0041444, NPO0011977, NPO0012971, NPO0012000, NPO0013811, NPO0011986, NPO0012125, NPO0011971, NPO0008660, NPO0011724, NPO0011728, NPO0011734, NPO0012060, NPO0012531, NPO0013146, NPO0013205, NPO0013212, NPO0013226, NPO0014549, NPO0042926, NPO0043071, NPO0043184, NPO0043546, NPO0012112, NPO0012804, NPO0011909, NPO0013222 5) TH90G01, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000058005, Serial Numbers: NPO0042790, NPO0015230, NPO0053525 b) Model Number A51300, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000517182 c) Model Number A52300, UDI-Device Identifier (GTIN/UPN) 00763000517199
Center Classification Date20220422
Recall Initiation Date20220228
Recalling FirmMedtronic Neuromodulation
Initial Notification Letter
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