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Heartware, Inc. Recall 90079

Description: HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) System Controller, Model Number 1407DE Kit

Heartware, Inc. Recall 90079 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1103-2022
Event ID90079
Event DescriptionHeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) System Controller, Model Number 1407DE Kit
Product TypeDevices
DistributionFinland and Turkey
Quantity667 units
Recall ReasonFinnish and Turkish translation errors in HVAD controller and monitor displays as will as Instructions for Use, Patient Manual, and Emergency Responder Guide for the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) system.
Device Classification20220525
Device Code InfoGTIN 00888707001700, Serial Numbers: CON300826, CON302649, CON304346, CON305438, CON305669, CON309302, CON309306, CON309974, CON312894, CON313111, CON313129, CON313154, CON314788, CON314789, CON314903, CON314929, CON315066, CON315120, CON315384, CON300826, CON304248, CON304346, CON304363, CON304943, CON300612, CON300622, CON302530, CON302655, CON302814, CON303005, CON303057, CON303093, CON303132, CON303368, CON303549, CON303571, CON303936, CON304027, CON304028, CON304282, CON304302, CON304318, CON304322, CON304327, CON304328, CON304358, CON304360, CON304362, CON304381, CON304451, CON304453, CON304587, CON304596, CON304600, CON304610, CON304614, CON304620, CON304628, CON304645, CON304649, CON304793, CON304797, CON304889, CON304965, CON305110, CON305123, CON305124, CON305142, CON305146, CON305148, CON305150, CON305277, CON305282, CON305325, CON315244, CON314763, CON315247, CON314577, CON313809, CON314057, CON315260, CON315259, CON315246, CON314770, CON314120, CON314193, CON314339, CON314021, CON314211, CON314068, CON313626, CON310360, CON314188, CON314084, CON314016, CON314085, CON314027, CON314346, CON314087, CON313967, CON314024, CON314187, CON313993, CON311103, CON314148, CON313513, CON313068, CON313452, CON312745, CON313489, CON312959, CON312899, CON313164, CON312896, CON313107, CON313161, CON313166, CON312898, CON313162, CON313232, CON312948, CON312897, CON313109, CON313183, CON313187, CON313168, CON312900, CON313095, CON313165, CON310155, CON309602, CON309853, CON309850, CON310096, CON310090, CON310102, CON306178, CON310793, CON310499, CON310103, CON310101, CON310500, CON306822, CON310192, CON310100, CON310094, CON306705, CON307902, CON307900, CON304639, CON307903, CON307818, CON304646, CON304658, CON304638, CON307997, CON307367, CON307999, CON307959, CON307960, CON307975, CON308006, CON307998, CON307770, CON307868, CON308144, CON308001, CON307172, CON307166, CON307315, CON306727, CON307536, CON307404, CON307123, CON307571, CON307436, CON307167, CON307435, CON307401, CON306728, CON307132, CON306949, CON305644, CON305822, CON305774, CON305770, CON305651, CON305773, CON305419, CON305554, CON305555, CON305424 GTIN 00888707002813, Serial Numbers: CON315106, CON315108, CON315743, CON315791, CON315792, CON315831, CON316010, CON316450, CON316462, CON316826, CON317363, CON317371, CON317718, CON318002, CON318004, CON318364, CON318751, CON318856, CON318864, CON318994, CON319035, CON319523, CON319524, CON319648, CON400331, CON400332, CON400634, CON400636, CON400637, CON400651, CON401103, CON401111, CON401188, CON401251, CON401264, CON401265, CON401825, CON402006, CON402065, CON402077, CON402302, CON402304, CON402658, CON402659, CON402973, CON402974, CON403346, CON403351, CON403543, CON403546, CON403803, CON403804, CON403883, CON403892, CON403980, CON403986, CON404058, CON405273, CON405274, CON405687, CON405706, CON405707, CON406419, CON406420, CON406490, CON406586, CON406610, CON406634, CON406635, CON406666, CON406717, CON406718, CON406719, CON406720, CON406740, CON406867, CON406869, CON406872, CON406874, CON406875, CON406880, CON407000, CON407001, CON407003, CON407004, CON407008, CON407009, CON407012, CON407015, CON407016, CON407017, CON407018, CON407019, CON407020, CON407021, CON407097, CON407113, CON407115, CON407177, CON407178, CON407179, CON407180, CON407207, CON407208, CON407235, CON407270, CON407487, CON407504, CON407519, CON407537, CON407572, CON407587, CON407685, CON407745, CON407780, CON407790, CON407845, CON407898, CON407911, CON407915, CON407917, CON407918, CON407945, CON407946, CON407947, CON407961, CON407998, CON407999, CON408000, CON408005, CON408031, CON408033, CON408038, CON408039, CON408043, CON408047, CON408048, CON408053, CON408055, CON408056, CON408066, CON408067, CON408068, CON408069, CON408070, CON408072, CON408074, CON408075, CON408076, CON408079, CON408090, CON408107, CON408112, CON408118, CON408122, CON408126, CON408127, CON408133, CON408144, CON408166, CON408168, CON408169, CON408186, CON408194, CON408199, CON408219, CON408230, CON408290, CON408300, CON408301, CON408305, CON408306, CON408307, CON408350, CON408351, CON408363, CON408370, CON408371, CON408372, CON408373, CON408381, CON408382, CON408384, CON408387, CON408388, CON408391, CON408397, CON408398, CON408399, CON408406, CON408407, CON408408, CON408411, CON408431, CON408442, CON408496, CON408497, CON408498, CON408502, CON408503, CON408517, CON408518, CON408519, CON408520, CON408521, CON408522, CON408523, CON408531, CON408533, CON408540, CON409013, CON409100, CON409102, CON409106, CON409109, CON409111, CON409112, CON409115, CON409120, CON409135, CON409138, CON409139, CON409140, CON409145, CON409146, CON409152, CON409153, CON409157, CON409174, CON409175, CON409179, CON409180, CON409183, CON409191, CON409195, CON409196, CON409199, CON409206, CON409212, CON409243, CON409244, CON409266, CON409267, CON409268, CON409328, CON409330, CON409334, CON409336, CON409378, CON409386, CON409387, CON409396, CON409403, CON409406, CON409409, CON409422, CON409430, CON409433, CON409439, CON409452, CON409454, CON409470, CON409476, CON409482, CON409486, CON409487, CON409488, CON409593, CON409672, CON409774, CON409873, CON409877, CON409878, CON409879, CON409880, CON409883, CON409974, CON409975, CON409980, CON409981, CON410954, CON410955, CON410960, CON410962, CON410965, CON410966, CON410967, CON410969, CON410970, CON410991, CON410992, CON410993, CON410996, CON411015, CON411046, CON411047, CON411063, CON411097, CON411098, CON411102, CON411110, CON411112, CON411140, CON411143, CON411144, CON411145, CON411212, CON411213, CON411215, CON411218, CON411220, CON411221 GTIN 00888707006941, Serial Numbers: CON410823, CON410843, CON410844, CON410941, CON410980, CON410982, CON411051, CON411053, CON411058, CON411061, CON411085, CON411088, CON411099, CON411103, CON411104, CON411225, CON411235, CON411236, CON411254, CON411283, CON411334, CON411336, CON411337, CON411610, CON411644 GTIN 00888707008242, Serial Numbers: CON412460, CON412713, CON412766, CON412769, CON412770, CON412771, CON412772, CON412773, CON412798, CON412802, CON412803, CON412806, CON412807, CON412808, CON412815, CON412852, CON412853, CON412854, CON412855, CON412887, CON412888, CON412890, CON412891, CON412892, CON412893, CON412898, CON412902, CON412908, CON412920, CON412925, CON412927, CON412928, CON412932, CON412938, CON412940, CON412944, CON412951, CON412954, CON412956, CON412958, CON412961, CON412962, CON412970, CON413026, CON413131, CON413135, CON413228, CON413229, CON413235, CON413239, CON413240, CON413242, CON413285, CON413291, CON413292, CON413293, CON413301, CON413316, CON413335, CON413341, CON413342, CON413344, CON413391, CON413392, CON413410, CON413428, CON413431, CON413434, CON413451, CON413454, CON413480, CON413541, CON413546, CON413550, CON413552, CON413556, CON413557, CON413569, CON413579, CON413580, CON413632, CON413651, CON413652, CON413653, CON413654, CON413658, CON413667, CON413680, CON413681, CON413682, CON413686, CON413696, CON413697, CON413700, CON413701, CON413702, CON413703, CON413704, CON413705, CON413706, CON413707, CON413708, CON413720, CON413721, CON413737, CON413738, CON413739, CON413747, CON413748, CON413749, CON413751, CON413752, CON413753, CON413758, CON413776, CON413792, CON413793, CON413807, CON413869, CON413870, CON414339, CON414340, CON415019, CON415020, CON415021, CON415040, CON415041, CON415042, CON415046, CON415047, CON415048, CON415050, CON415051, CON415052, CON415053, CON415067, CON415068, CON415087, CON415106, CON415135, CON415137, CON415141, CON415142, CON415143, CON415146, CON415148, CON415835, CON415781
Center Classification Date20220517
Recall Initiation Date20220330
Recalling FirmHeartware, Inc.
Initial Notification Two or more of the following: Email, Fax, Letter, Press Release, Telephone, Visit
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