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St. Jude Medical Recall 91606

Description: CardioMEMS HF System PA Sensor and Delivery System, Model Number CM3100, The CardioMEMS HF System provides pulmonary artery (PA) hemodynamic data used for the monitoring and management of heart failure (HF) patients. The system measures changes in PA pressure which physicians use to initiate or modify heart failure treatment.

St. Jude Medical Recall 91606 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1225-2023
Event ID91606
Event DescriptionCardioMEMS HF System PA Sensor and Delivery System, Model Number CM3100, The CardioMEMS HF System provides pulmonary artery (PA) hemodynamic data used for the monitoring and management of heart failure (HF) patients. The system measures changes in PA pressure which physicians use to initiate or modify heart failure treatment.
Product TypeDevices
DistributionWorldwide distribution - US Nationwide and the countries of Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, United Arab Emirates.
Quantity317 units
Recall ReasonSelect CardioMEMS PA Sensors (Model CM2000) operate outside of the intended frequency range at higher elevations when readings are taken over approximately 2,000 ft. (610 meters) above sea level; operation outside of the intended radiofrequency has the potential to result in inaccurate readings or sensor signal acquisition difficulties.
Device Classification20230315
Device Code InfoUDI/DI 05415067034724: M220200004, M220200005, M220200006, M220200008, M220200011, M220200014, M220200016, M220200017, M220200018, M220200019, M220200021, M220200022, M220200026, M220200028, M220200029, M220200031, M220200032, M220200034, M220200035, M220200036, M220200037, M220200039, M220200040, M220200041, M220200042, M220300002, M220300003, M220300004, M220300005, M220300007, M220300008, M220300009, M220300010, M220300011, M220300012, M220300013, M220300014, M220300016, M220300017, M220300018, M220300019, M220300021, M220300022, M220300023, M220300024, M220300025, M220300026, M220300027, M220300028, M220300029, M220300030, M220300031, M220300032, M220300035, M220300036, M220300040, M220300041, M220300042, M220300043, M220300044, M220300045, M220300046, M220300047, M220300048, M220300049, M220300050, M220300051, M220300052, M220300053, M220300054, M220300055, M220300057, M220300058, M220300059, M220300060, M220300061, M220300062, M220300063, M220300064, M220300065, M220300066, M220300067, M220300069, M220300070, M220300071, M220300073, M220300074, M220300075, M220300077, M220300078, M220300080, M220300081, M220300082, M220300083, M220300084, M220300085, M220300087, M220300088, M220300089, M220300091, M220300092, M220300093, M220300096, M220300097, M220300101, M220300102, M220300103, M220300104, M220300105, M220300107, M220300108, M220300109, M220300111, M220300112, M220300114, M220300115, M220300116, M220300118, M220300119, M220300120, M220300121, M220300122, M220300123, M220300125, M220300126, M220300127, M220300129, M220300131, M220300136, M220300138, M220300139, M220300140, M220300141, M220300142, M220300143, M220300144, M220300145, M220300146, M220300147, M220300150, M220300151, M220300152, M220300153, M220300154, M220300155, M220300156, M220300157, M220300158, M220300160, M220300161, M220300162, M220300163, M220300164, M220300166, M220300167, M220300168, M220300169, M220300170, M220300171, M220300172, M220300173, M220300174, M220300175, M220300176, M220300177, M220300178, M220300179, M220300180, M220300181, M220300182, M220300183, M220300184, M220300186, M220300187, M220300188, M220300189, M220300190, M220300191, M220300192, M220300193, M220300194, M220300195, M220300196, M220700025, M220700026, M220700027, M220700028, M220700031, M220700033, M220700034, M220700035, M220700036, M220700037, M220700041, M220700042, M220700043, M220700045, M220700051, M220700052, M220700054, M220700059, M220700061, M220700097, M220700098, M220700102, M220700104, M220700106, M220700107, M220700109, M220700110, M220700111, M220700112, M220700113, M220700114, M220700115, M220700116, M220700117, M220700118, M220700119, M220700120, M220700121, M220700122, M220700123, M220700124, M220700125, M220700126, M220700128, M220700129, M220700130, M220700131, M220700132, M220700133, M220700134, M220700135, M220700136, M220700137, M220700138, M220700139, M220700142, M220700143, M220700144, M220700145, M220700146, M220700147, M220900017, M220900018, M220900021, M220900023, M220900024, M220900025, M220900026, M220900030, M220900031, M220900032, M220900033, M220900034, M220900035, M220900037, M220900038, M220900040, M220900042, M220900044, M220900045, M220900046, M220900047, M220900048, M220900049, M220900050, M220900052, M220900063, M220900065, M220900066, M220900067, M220900068, M220900069, M220900070, M220900071, M220900072, M220900073, M220900075, M220900076, M220900078, M220900079, M220900080, M220900081, M220900086, M220900087, M220900088, M220900089, M220900090, M220900091, M220900093, M220900094, M220900095, M220900096, M220900097, M220900101, M220900104, M220900106, M220900109, M221000023, M221000030, M221000032, M221000034, M221000035, M221000038, M221000039, M221000041, M221000042, M221000044, M221000047, M221000048, M221000049, M221000050, M221000052, M221100002, M221000046
Center Classification Date20230306
Recall Initiation Date20230207
Recalling FirmSt. Jude Medical
Initial Notification Letter
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