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Medtronic Inc Recall 90228

Description: HeartWare Battery, Model #1650DE, a component of the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) System.

Medtronic Inc Recall 90228 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1266-2022
Event ID90228
Event DescriptionHeartWare Battery, Model #1650DE, a component of the HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD) System.
Product TypeDevices
DistributionWorldwide Distribution. US nationwide, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
Quantity429 batteries
Recall ReasonBatteries for the HVAD system have a weld defect affecting internal components within the HVAD battery, resulting in the battery to malfunction and no longer provide power or prevent the battery from holding a complete charge or properly recharging.
Device Classification20220629
Device Code InfoGTIN 00888707008778. Serial numbers BAT935012, BAT935059, BAT935008, BAT935009, BAT935018, BAT935020, BAT935022, BAT935023, BAT935047, BAT934999, BAT935003, BAT935010, BAT935329, BAT934928, BAT934934, BAT935160, BAT935078, BAT934997, BAT935027, BAT935048, BAT934953, BAT934933, BAT934948, BAT934853, BAT934854, BAT934858, BAT934895, BAT934899, BAT934901, BAT934903, BAT934904, BAT934905, BAT934927, BAT934932, BAT934935, BAT934940, BAT934979, BAT934981, BAT935109, BAT935112, BAT935116, BAT935117, BAT935120, BAT935122, BAT935124, BAT935127, BAT935132, BAT935133, BAT935134, BAT935136, BAT934846, BAT934848, BAT934849, BAT934850, BAT935137, BAT935142, BAT935143, BAT935145, BAT935146, BAT935148, BAT935150, BAT935151, BAT935152, BAT935154, BAT935155, BAT935156, BAT935157, BAT935158, BAT935161, BAT935162, BAT935163, BAT935164, BAT935260, BAT935301, BAT935302, BAT935303, BAT935201, BAT935202, BAT935203, BAT935172, BAT935173, BAT935174, BAT935175, BAT935176, BAT935177, BAT935178, BAT935179, BAT935180, BAT935181, BAT935182, BAT935183, BAT935184, BAT935185, BAT935186, BAT935187, BAT934910, BAT934912, BAT934914, BAT934915, BAT934916, BAT934919, BAT935317, BAT935318, BAT935319, BAT935320, BAT935322, BAT935324, BAT935217, BAT935264, BAT935269, BAT935276, BAT935277, BAT935282, BAT935283, BAT935285, BAT935286, BAT935287, BAT935312, BAT935313, BAT935314, BAT935188, BAT935189, BAT935190, BAT935191, BAT935192, BAT935193, BAT935194, BAT935195, BAT935196, BAT935197, BAT935198, BAT935199, BAT934851, BAT934852, BAT934855, BAT934857, BAT934859, BAT934861, BAT934862, BAT934863, BAT934865, BAT934866, BAT935207, BAT935210, BAT935222, BAT935256, BAT935257, BAT935230, BAT935231, BAT935233, BAT935234, BAT935236, BAT935237, BAT935238, BAT935268, BAT935270, BAT935271, BAT935272, BAT935273, BAT935275, BAT935279, BAT935280, BAT935288, BAT935290, BAT935291, BAT935292, BAT935284, BAT934844, BAT935229, BAT934917, BAT934918, BAT934920, BAT934924, BAT935232, BAT935235, BAT935247, BAT935261, BAT934867, BAT934868, BAT935265, BAT935266, BAT935204, BAT935205, BAT935206, BAT935212, BAT935213, BAT935216, BAT935250, BAT935251, BAT935252, BAT935253, BAT935254, BAT935267, BAT934869, BAT935200, BAT935262, BAT935218, BAT935219, BAT935227, BAT935228, BAT934871, BAT934873, BAT934874, BAT934875, BAT934876, BAT934877, BAT934878, BAT934880, BAT934881, BAT934882, BAT934883, BAT934884, BAT934886, BAT934909, BAT935138, BAT935140, BAT935293, BAT935294, BAT935296, BAT935259, BAT935297, BAT935298, BAT935299, BAT935300, BAT934894, BAT935326, BAT935331, BAT934982, BAT934987, BAT934988, BAT934989, BAT935032, BAT935038, BAT935039, BAT935040, BAT935042, BAT935043, BAT935051, BAT935068, BAT935074, BAT935085, BAT935089, BAT935093, BAT935094, BAT935095, BAT935098, BAT935099, BAT935100, BAT935101, BAT935102, BAT935103, BAT935104, BAT935105, BAT935106, BAT935107, BAT935108, BAT935141, BAT935144, BAT935147, BAT935149, BAT935159, BAT935165, BAT935166, BAT935167, BAT935168, BAT935169, BAT935170, BAT935171, BAT935258, BAT934887, BAT934889, BAT934891, BAT934893, BAT934870, BAT935239, BAT935240, BAT935241, BAT935242, BAT935243, BAT935244, BAT935245, BAT935246, BAT935248, BAT935249, BAT934906, BAT934908, BAT935033, BAT935036, BAT935044, BAT935017, BAT935045, BAT935001, BAT935026, BAT935114, BAT935118, BAT935121, BAT935123, BAT935263, BAT935274, BAT935278, BAT935281, BAT935315, BAT935084, BAT935086, BAT934896, BAT934897, BAT934898, BAT934949, BAT934950, BAT935323, BAT935325, BAT935327, BAT935328, BAT935330, BAT935332, BAT935005, BAT935006, BAT935025, BAT935062, BAT935064, BAT935065, BAT935208, BAT934922, BAT934926, BAT934929, BAT934930, BAT934942, BAT934943, BAT934944, BAT934945, BAT934955, BAT934959, BAT934961, BAT934964, BAT934967, BAT934968, BAT934969, BAT934970, BAT934976, BAT934977, BAT934978, BAT935002, BAT935014, BAT935049, BAT934973, BAT934974, BAT935087, BAT935091, BAT935097, BAT934962, BAT935041, BAT935046, BAT935050, BAT935053, BAT935057, BAT935058, BAT935061, BAT935063, BAT935067, BAT935071, BAT935077, BAT935080, BAT935081, BAT935088, BAT935090, BAT935092, BAT934952, BAT934954, BAT934958, BAT934921, BAT934923, BAT934925, BAT934931, BAT934941, BAT934951, BAT935015, BAT935016, BAT935019, BAT935021, BAT935096, BAT935111, BAT934998, BAT934956, BAT935024, BAT935028, BAT935034, BAT935037, BAT935069, BAT935070, BAT935215, BAT935321, BAT935135, BAT935029, BAT935030, BAT935031, BAT934946, BAT934983, BAT934984, BAT934986, BAT934992, BAT934971, BAT934972, BAT934975, BAT934980, BAT934995, BAT935000, BAT935007, BAT935013, BAT934947, BAT934996, BAT935011, BAT935052, BAT935054, BAT935056, BAT935082, BAT935072, BAT935073, BAT935075, BAT935076, BAT935004, BAT934990, BAT934991, BAT934993, BAT934994, BAT935079, BAT934985, BAT934963, BAT934965, and BAT934966. Expiration date 30-APR-22.
Center Classification Date20220621
Recall Initiation Date20220505
Recalling FirmMedtronic Inc
Initial Notification Letter
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