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Medtronic MiniMed Recall 90370

Description: MiniMed 720G Insulin Pump (O.U.S. Version)

Medtronic MiniMed Recall 90370 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1356-2022
Event ID90370
Event DescriptionMiniMed 720G Insulin Pump (O.U.S. Version)
Product TypeDevices
DistributionU.S.: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VI, VT, WA, WI, WV, and WY O.U.S.: Not provided
Quantity575 pumps
Recall ReasonDue to battery cap deterioration, this may potentially result in an incomplete battery circuit (similar to when battery cap is not attached) and a loss of power/functionality of the insulin infusion pumps.
Device Classification20220720
Device Code InfoProduct Number/CFN (O.U.S. Version) MiniMed 720G (MMT-1809, MMT-1810, MMT-1859, MMT-1860, MMT-1817, MMT-1867) UDI Codes: Pending Serial Numbers (O.U.S.) NG2820120H NG2820133H NG2820138H NG2820180H NG2820183H NG2820193H NG2820227H NG2820238H NG2820239H NG2820241H NG2820242H NG2820253H NG2820256H NG2820258H NG2820282H NG2820295H NG2820339H NG2820341H NG2820357H NG2820366H NG2820368H NG2820371H NG2820372H NG2820374H NG2820377H NG2820379H NG2820381H NG2820386H NG2820387H NG2820388H NG2820393H NG2820394H NG2820396H NG2820398H NG2820400H NG2820401H NG2820409H NG2820418H NG2820421H NG2820425H NG2820428H NG2820432H NG2820435H NG2820437H NG2820457H NG2820460H NG2820462H NG2820463H NG2820467H NG2820472H NG2820484H NG2820487H NG2820489H NG2820494H NG2820496H NG2820498H NG2820501H NG2820503H NG2820510H NG2820512H NG2820513H NG2820518H NG2820522H NG2820523H NG2820525H NG2820529H NG2820533H NG2820535H NG2820539H NG2820542H NG2820549H NG2820557H NG2820559H NG2820561H NG2820567H NG2820569H NG2820571H NG2820573H NG2820576H NG2820578H NG2820585H NG2820591H NG2820593H NG2820596H NG2820598H NG2820602H NG2820605H NG2820608H NG2820611H NG2820613H NG2820617H NG2820620H NG2820627H NG2820726H NG2820728H NG2820730H NG2820733H NG2820734H NG2820736H NG2820738H NG2820740H NG2820741H NG2820743H NG2820746H NG2820750H NG2820752H NG2820753H NG2820754H NG2820755H NG2820757H NG2820759H NG2820761H NG2820767H NG2820769H NG2820771H NG2820774H NG2820776H NG2820778H NG2820786H NG2820788H NG2820791H NG2820793H NG2820802H NG2820806H NG2820809H NG2820811H NG2820814H NG2820818H NG2820820H NG2820822H NG2820823H NG2820825H NG2820828H NG2820830H NG2820832H NG2857158H NG2857164H NG2857167H NG2857189H NG2857196H NG2857198H NG2857199H NG2857200H NG2857201H NG2857202H NG2857203H NG2857209H NG2857217H NG2857218H NG2857243H NG2857247H NG2857250H NG2857253H NG2857255H NG2857256H NG2857258H NG2857265H NG2857268H NG2857278H NG2857286H NG2857288H NG2857293H NG2857297H NG2857299H NG2857312H NG2857372H NG2857375H NG2857378H NG2857381H NG2857386H NG2857388H NG2857389H NG2857391H NG2857393H NG2857409H NG2857410H NG2857414H NG2857416H NG2857417H NG2857418H NG2857419H NG2857421H NG2857427H NG2857431H NG2857432H NG2857433H NG2857434H NG2857435H NG2857438H NG2857443H NG2857445H NG2857448H NG2857449H NG2857450H NG2857452H NG2857454H NG2857458H NG2857469H NG2857471H NG2857475H NG2857477H NG2857479H NG2857484H NG2857494H NG2857496H NG2857500H NG2857505H NG2857508H NG2857510H NG2857512H NG2857514H NG2857516H NG2857517H NG2857523H NG2857530H NG2857531H NG2857538H NG2857540H NG2857542H NG2857544H NG2857547H NG2857549H NG2857551H NG2857555H NG2857559H NG2857563H NG2857569H NG2857575H NG2857580H NG2857582H NG2857585H NG2857588H NG2857592H NG2857597H NG2857601H NG2857602H NG2857605H NG2857607H NG2857609H NG2857613H NG2857615H NG2857620H NG2857621H NG2857624H NG2857625H NG2857627H NG2857631H NG2890207H NG2890210H NG2890214H NG2890216H NG2890220H NG2890223H NG2890230H NG2890234H NG2890235H NG2890236H NG2890238H NG2890239H NG2890241H NG2890243H NG2890245H NG2890247H NG2890249H NG2890252H NG2890254H NG2890256H NG2890258H NG2890260H NG2890262H NG2890263H NG2890264H NG2890265H NG2890266H NG2890267H NG2890277H NG2890279H NG2890280H NG2890282H NG2890283H NG2890284H NG2890285H NG2890286H NG2890287H NG2890289H NG2890290H NG2890291H NG2890292H NG2890300H NG2890302H NG2890304H NG2890306H NG2890308H NG2890309H NG2890311H NG2890313H NG2890318H NG2890326H NG2890333H NG2890334H NG2890340H NG2890342H NG2890348H NG2890353H NG2890357H NG2890372H NG2890374H NG2890376H NG2890378H NG2890380H NG2890384H NG2890389H NG2890393H NG2890396H NG2890410H NG2890412H NG2890416H NG2890418H NG2890424H NG2890427H NG2890429H NG2890434H NG2890438H NG2890439H NG2890441H NG2890446H NG2890447H NG2890453H NG2890455H NG2890462H NG2890468H NG2890470H NG2890472H NG2890474H NG2890475H NG2890477H NG2890481H NG2890483H NG2890486H NG2890488H NG2890490H NG2890492H NG2890494H NG2890498H NG2890526H NG2890527H NG2890528H NG2890530H NG2890531H NG2890532H NG2890537H NG2890539H NG2890541H NG2890542H NG2890544H NG2890545H NG2890549H NG2890553H NG2890556H NG2890559H NG2890561H NG2890563H NG2890565H NG2890566H NG2890567H NG2890568H NG2890569H NG2890570H NG2890574H NG2890577H NG2890579H NG2934924H NG2934926H NG2934928H NG2934930H NG2934931H NG2934932H NG2934933H NG2934934H NG2934935H NG2934937H NG2934940H NG2934942H NG2934943H NG2934952H NG2934958H NG2934959H NG2934960H NG2934962H NG2934964H NG2934965H NG2934970H NG2934971H NG2934973H NG2934978H NG2934982H NG2934984H NG2934989H NG2934990H NG2934991H NG2934992H NG2934994H NG2934997H NG2935002H NG2935005H NG2935008H NG2935009H NG2935010H NG2935011H NG2935012H NG2935013H NG2935014H NG2935016H NG2935017H NG2935018H NG2935019H NG2935020H NG2935021H NG2935023H NG2935027H NG2935028H NG2935030H NG2935034H NG2935038H NG2935040H NG2935042H NG2935044H NG2935046H NG2935050H NG2935055H NG2935061H NG2935063H NG2935065H NG2935066H NG2935070H NG2935079H NG2935080H NG2935083H NG2935086H NG2935087H NG2935089H NG2935090H NG2935093H NG2935094H NG2935104H NG2935116H NG2935117H NG2935118H NG2935119H NG2935120H NG2935129H NG2935134H NG2935139H NG2935140H NG2935141H NG2935146H NG2935150H NG2935152H NG2935154H NG2935156H NG2935163H NG2935181H NG2935192H NG2935194H NG2935199H NG2935203H NG2954955H NG2954964H NG2954967H NG2954984H NG2954987H NG2954989H NG2954994H NG2954999H NG2955010H NG2955012H NG2955015H NG2955019H NG2955023H NG2955026H NG2955051H NG2955059H NG2955073H NG2955093H NG2955100H NG2955111H NG2955120H NG2955125H NG2955156H NG2955174H NG2955189H NG2955192H NG2955200H NG2955204H NG2955228H NG2955234H NG2955239H NG2955251H NG2955270H NG2955282H NG2955292H NG2955354H NG2955360H NG2955361H NG2955387H NG2955388H NG2955394H NG2955402H NG2955429H NG2955466H NG2955467H NG2955473H NG2973169H NG2973197H NG2973201H NG2973202H NG2973204H NG2973207H NG2973209H NG2973211H NG2973213H NG2973215H NG2973219H NG2973227H NG2973229H NG2973231H NG2973233H NG2973235H NG2973239H NG2973241H NG2973244H NG2973247H NG2973249H NG2973253H NG2973256H NG2973258H NG2973264H NG2973266H NG2973273H NG2973279H NG2973283H NG2973287H NG2973305H NG2973309H NG2973311H NG2973316H NG2973318H NG2973331H NG2973338H NG2973343H NG2973344H NG2973346H NG2973348H NG2973350H NG2973352H NG2973355H NG2973357H NG2973358H NG2973360H NG2973361H NG2973363H NG2973365H NG2973366H NG2973367H NG2973368H NG2973371H NG2973372H NG2973385H NG2973399H NG2973402H NG2973405H NG2973406H NG2973407H NG2973417H NG2973446H
Center Classification Date20220708
Recall Initiation Date20220523
Recalling FirmMedtronic MiniMed
Initial Notification Letter
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