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Isopure Corp Recall 90389

Description: Isopure Sodium Bicarbonate Mixing and Distribution System (IsoMix PRO)

Isopure Corp Recall 90389 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1360-2022
Event ID90389
Event DescriptionIsopure Sodium Bicarbonate Mixing and Distribution System (IsoMix PRO)
Product TypeDevices
DistributionDomestic distribution to AL AZ CO DE FL GA IN KS KY LA MA MD ME MN MO NC NY OK PA TX UT VA WV No foreign distribution.
Recall ReasonIsopure received a report of a hazardous incident involving a device which had experienced an electrical short that resulted in a thermal event, damaging some of the device components. The firm is alerting customers to electrical safety measures that can be taken to prevent such events from occurring.
Device Classification20220720
Device Code InfoUDI-DI: 00852456007085 Serial numbers: SERIAL # IMP-113766 5202061411P 5201081501 IMP-112232 IMP-120373 IMP-112737 IMP-112606 IMP-113620 IMP-113580 IMP-113085 IMP-112842 IMP-113812 IMP-119050 IMP-113811 IMP-114975 IMP-113810 IMP-115147 IMP-115148 IMP-116155 IMP-116060 IMP-117241 IMP-115146 IMP-115145 IMP-116662 IMP-116996 IMP-117110 IMP-117278 IMP-117739 IMP-117979 IMP-118086 IMP-118103 IMP-118376 IMP-118568 IMP-118704 IMP-118765 IMP-119049 IMP-119343 IMP-118802 IMP-119503 IMP-119757 IMP-119788 IMP-120188 IMP-120172 IMP-120238 IMP-120699 IMP-120187 IMP-114976 IMP-119872 IMP-120959 IMP-120890 IMP-121099 IMP-121101 IMP-121883 IMP-117219 IMP-121980 IMP-122289 IMP-122582 IMP-122943 IMP-115144 IMP-123041 IMP-124680 IMP-825374 IMP-124893 IMP-825418 IMP-124862 IMP-124679 IMP-825865 IMP-826655 IMP-826884 IMP-826438 IMP-826928 IMP-826544 IMP-827363 IMP-827511 IMP-827244 IMP-830445 IMP-826812 IMP-827461 IMP-119513 IMP-827602 IMP-828401 IMP-119388 IMP-121100 IMP-829313 IMP-830965 IMP-831004 IMP-122583 IMP-830617 IMP-831413 IMP-831594 IMP-831197 IMP-831894 IMP-831929 IMP-832283 IMP-832381 IMP-832706 IMP-113809 IMP-832925 IMP-833088 IMP-833120 IMP-833428 IMP-833769 IMP-833916 IMP-833942 IMP-830374 IMP-120755 IMP-834278 IMP-833473 IMP-834575 IMP-834798 IMP-123026 IMP-835190 IMP-835138 IMP-835454 IMP-835973 IMP-838703 IMP-839160 IMP-840230 IMP-840914 IMP-831334 IMP-120670
Center Classification Date20220708
Recall Initiation Date20220428
Recalling FirmIsopure Corp
Initial Notification Two or more of the following: Email, Fax, Letter, Press Release, Telephone, Visit
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