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Baxter Healthcare Corporation Recall 90511

Description: Hill-Rom PRO+ 36" MRS Surface With X-Ray mattress, REF P7924A01; and REF P7924ARENT01, PRO+ MRS Rental Surface with X-Ray mattress.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation Recall 90511 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1411-2022
Event ID90511
Event DescriptionHill-Rom PRO+ 36" MRS Surface With X-Ray mattress, REF P7924A01; and REF P7924ARENT01, PRO+ MRS Rental Surface with X-Ray mattress.
Product TypeDevices
DistributionWorldwide distribution - US Nationwide distribution in the states of AZ, CA, CO, CT, GA, IA, IN, KY, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NM, NM, NY, OH, OK, RI, SD, TN, TX, VT, and WI. There was government distribution but no military distribution. The country of Canada.
Quantity200 mattresses
Recall ReasonThe failure mode on the affected mattresses can cause a reduction in the performance of the Microclimate Management feature used to pull heat and moisture away from the patient resulting in an increased patient risk of pressure ulcer development.
Device Classification20220727
Device Code InfoREF P7924A01, UDI 00887761977907; Serial numbers: W218BP4042, W218BP4054, W218BP4056, W218BP4059, W218BP4060, W218BP4061, W218BP4058, W218BP4048, W218BP4069, W218BP4053, W218BP4041, W218BP4043, W218BP4044, W218BP4045, W218BP4046, W218BP4049, W218BP4051, W218BP4052, W218BP4055, W218BP4057, W218BP4062, W218BP4063, W218BP4065, W218BP4066, W218BP4067, W336BP6549, W336BP6550, W336BP6555, W336BP6556, W336BP6557, W336BP6558, W336BP6560, W336BP6561, W336BP6562, W336BP6563, W218BP4050, W336BP6548, W337BP6609, W336BP6541, W336BP6546, W336BP6540, W336BP6542, W336BP6543, and W336BP6544. REF P7924ARENT01, UDI 00887761976863; Serial numbers: W223BP4081, W223BP4084, W242BP4397, W242BP4398, W242BP4401, W242BP4403, W242BP4405, W242BP4407, W242BP4408, W242BP4409, W242BP4410, W231BP4233, W231BP4234, W231BP4241, W231BP4243, W231BP4244, W231BP4248, W231BP4249, W231BP4252, W231BP4253, W235BP4259, W235BP4260, W235BP4265, W235BP4266, W242BP4381, W242BP4387, W242BP4391, W242BP4392, W242BP4393, W242BP4394, W242BP4395, W242BP4396, W242BP4402, W242BP4404, W243BP4412, W243BP4413, W243BP4414, W243BP4415, W243BP4416, W231BP4213, W231BP4224, W231BP4228, W231BP4229, W231BP4230, W231BP4242, W231BP4245, W231BP4246, W231BP4247, W231BP4250, W231BP4251, W242BP4390, W243BP4418, W243BP4419, W243BP4420, W243BP4421, W243BP4428, W223BP4079, W224BP4102, W224BP4108, W231BP4202, W231BP4203, W231BP4204, W231BP4207, W231BP4209, W231BP4217, W231BP4218, W231BP4220, W231BP4221, W231BP4222, W231BP4223, W231BP4227, W231BP4254, W231BP4255, W231BP4256, W223BP4091, W224BP4103, W231BP4210, W231BP4211, W231BP4214, W231BP4216, W231BP4219, W231BP4257, W235BP4261, W235BP4262, W235BP4263, W235BP4264, W239BP4361, W239BP4365, W239BP4367, W239BP4373, W239BP4375, W242BP4382, W242BP4383, W242BP4385, W242BP4386, W223BP4070, W223BP4071, W223BP4072, W223BP4073, W223BP4074, W223BP4077, W223BP4082, W223BP4083, W223BP4085, W223BP4086, W223BP4087, W223BP4088, W223BP4090, W223BP4092, W223BP4093, W224BP4096, W224BP4098, W224BP4099, W224BP4100, W224BP4101, W224BP4104, W224BP4105, W224BP4109, W224BP4110, W224BP4111, W231BP4205, W231BP4206, W231BP4208, W231BP4212, W231BP4215, W224BP4095, W224BP4097, W224BP4112, W224BP4113, W224BP4114, W224BP4106, W224BP4107, W239BP4364, W239BP4366, W239BP4369, W239BP4371, W239BP4372, W239BP4362, W239BP4368, W239BP4370, W239BP4360, W239BP4363, W239BP4374, W242BP4378, W242BP4379, W242BP4380, W242BP4384, W242BP4399, W242BP4400, W223BP4075, W223BP4080, W223BP4076, W223BP4078, W224BP4094, W224BP4115, and W224BP4116.
Center Classification Date20220720
Recall Initiation Date20220624
Recalling FirmBaxter Healthcare Corporation
Initial Notification Letter
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