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Outset Medical, Inc. Recall 94224

Description: Tablo Hemodialysis System, REF: PN-0003000, PN-0006000 and PN-0007001

Outset Medical, Inc. Recall 94224 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1485-2024
Event ID94224
Event DescriptionTablo Hemodialysis System, REF: PN-0003000, PN-0006000 and PN-0007001
Product TypeDevices
DistributionUS:FL, CA, NM, SC, AZ, TN, NC, TX, IL, MD, IN, DE, AL, MI, AK, KY, LA, ID, OK, IA, VA, GA, MA, NE, KS, WI, PA, OH, WA, MT, RI, MN, MO, AR, NY, CO, WV, SD, OR, UT, WY, DC. OUS: AE
Recall ReasonHemodialysis System, pre and post dialyzer peroxide-cured silicone tubing, with less than 336 hours usage, will be replaced because tubing may contain non-dioxin-like (NDL) polychlorinated biphenyl acids (PCBAs), that have not been flushed out over time with usage. Exposure to PCBAs could cause: skin conditions, liver damage, impaired reproduction, development of certain kinds of cancer in humans.
Device Classification20240424
Device Code InfoUDI-DI: 0850001011112 and 00850001011204. Serial Numbers: 400028, 400093, 400240, 400403, 400407, 400413, 400414, 400416, 400418, 400426, 400430, 400433, 400434, 400435, 400436, 400437, 400441, 400442, 400444, 400447, 400465, 400511, 400513, 400527, 400530, 400532, 400543, 400546, 400552, 400554, 400556, 400557, 400558, 400560, 400564, 400565, 400566, 400593, 400595, 400598, 400610, 400614, 400615, 400618, 400626, 400657, 400741, 400764, 400775, 400792, 400813, 400837, 400874, 400879, 400894, 400924, 400941, 400942, 400988, 401048, 401120, 401122, 600031, 600059, 600141, 600145, 600146, 600344, 600394, 600396, 600020M, 600021M, 600022M, 600023M, 600025M, 600030M, 600039M, 600095M, 600138M, 600143M, 600181M, 600259M, 600283M, 600285M, 600286M, 600354M, 600355M, 600357M, 600368M, 600373M, 600387M, 600388M, 600392M, 600447M, 600475M, 600481M, 600527M, 600537M, 600556M, 600582M, 600585M, 600587M, 600590M, 600652M, 600692M, 600720M, 600724M, 600727M, 600763M, 600849M, 600966M, 601032M, 601081M, 601095M, 601098M, 601099M, 601107M, 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604020M, 604028M, 604029M, 604037M, 604041M, 604043M, 604046M, 604048M, 604050M, 604051M, 604052M, 604054M, 604055M, 604056M, 604058M, 604062M, 604063M, 604064M, 604067M, 604070M, 604071M, 604074M, 604075M, 604079M, 604080M
Center Classification Date20240412
Recall Initiation Date20240306
Recalling FirmOutset Medical, Inc.
Initial Notification Letter
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