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Medtronic Minimed Recall 87735

Description: MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump: Models: PUMP MMT-1740KX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1740KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KFX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN FR;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KFX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN GER;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KXS 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN IS;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KXS 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.1 MM CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 SF MM CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 SF MM CLIN SLO;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MM;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 EU MM;¿

Medtronic Minimed Recall 87735 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1772-2021
Event ID87735
Event DescriptionMiniMed 670G Insulin Pump: Models: PUMP MMT-1740KX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1740KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KFX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN FR;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KFX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KX 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN GER;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KXS 670G V6.3 SF MG CLIN IS;¿ PUMP MMT-1741KXS 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MG;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.1 MM CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 SF MM CLIN;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 SF MM CLIN SLO;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 MM;¿ PUMP MMT-1742KX 670G V6.3 CLIN 020 EU MM;¿
Product TypeDevices
DistributionU.S.(Clinical): AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, MI, MN, TN, TX, and WA O.U.S.: Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canary Islands, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom
QuantityU.S. Investigational Clinical Study = 1,266 devices
Recall ReasonDue to a software design issue, under certain conditions, a software fault is detected when a large bolus delivery at quick bolus speed completes. if the user is not aware of the amount of active insulin and delivers an additional bolus, there is a risk of insulin over delivery.
Device Classification20210609
Device Code InfoModel #(CFN)/¿UDI-DI(GTIN): MMT-1740K/00763000258429;¿ MMT-1740KX/00763000408909;¿ MMT-1741KFX/00763000303556;¿ MMT-1741KFX/00763000408930;¿ MMT-1741KX/00763000258436;¿ MMT-1741KX/00763000408916;¿ MMT-1741KXS/00763000258443;¿ MMT-1741KXS/00763000408923;¿ MMT-1742KX/00763000157456;¿ MMT-1742KX/00763000250232;¿ MMT-1742KX/00763000258467;¿ MMT-1742KX/00763000408954;¿ MMT-1742KX/00763000408947; Serial Numbers: NG1522406H; NG1698348H; NG2078422H; NG1586805H; NG1997312H; NG1829832H; NG1662936H; NG2127163H; NG1899556H; NG1687796H; NG1830512H; NG1560426H; NG1998243H; NG1984224H; NG1556256H; NG1998843H; NG1522295H; NG1937812H; NG1541556H; NG1829747H; NG2062114H; NG1531199H; NG1570173H; NG1713497H; NG2006526H; NG2006970H; NG1733793H; NG2006078H; NG1703340H; NG2020531H; NG1898154H; NG1932186H; NG2001204H; NG1733151H; NG1700186H; NG1731830H; NG1831300H; NG1995586H; NG2003110H; NG1830451H; NG1900348H; NG1830644H; NG1686683H; NG1560375H; NG1899052H; NG1769848H; NG1734425H; NG2150522H; NG1560333H; NG2004999H; NG1550073H; NG1522162H; NG1522678H; NG1568972H; NG1678021H; NG1981394H; NG1560462H; NG1699654H; NG1678012H; NG1900389H; NG1687745H; NG1677866H; NG1736029H; NG2205804H; NG1560439H; NG1645132H; NG1560368H; NG1899999H; NG1951752H; NG2009281H; NG1589435H; NG1560296H; NG1750717H; NG2009597H; NG1998935H; NG1696555H; NG1900504H; NG1678015H; NG2020687H; NG1663944H; NG1830364H; NG1830064H; NG1830568H; NG1937509H; NG1732015H; NG1735756H; NG1581605H; NG2126328H; NG1986702H; NG1983861H; NG1663422H; NG1980358H; NG1687895H; NG1845348H; NG1515522H; NG1989568H; NG1664835H; NG1687590H; NG1521244H; NG1518680H; NG1845336H; NG1541279H; NG1678117H; NG1583283H; NG1678052H; NG1900511H; NG1557933H; NG1522551H; NG1989328H; NG1677959H; NG1619151H; NG2020233H; NG1687538H; NG1691272H; NG1769679H; NG1770742H; NG1892553H; NG1899866H; NG1734464H; NG1715477H; NG2205686H; NG1895702H; NG1645142H; NG1635968H; NG1988768H; NG1645489H; NG1978813H; NG1560443H; NG1981421H; NG1661791H; NG2020194H; NG1830292H; NG1571454H; NG1529995H; NG1732392H; NG1988894H; NG1734149H; NG1705568H; NG2001506H; NG2133145H; NG1566844H; NG2001705H; NG1769959H; NG2007384H; NG1689978H; NG2079428H; NG1998282H; NG1521933H; NG1661863H; NG1527016H; NG1639334H; NG2020733H; NG1678143H; NG1888661H; NG1831185H; NG1735485H; NG1660784H; NG1770168H; NG1744077H; NG1712833H; NG1644254H; NG1989763H; NG1769732H; NG1734455H; NG1637534H; NG1734237H; NG2126358H; NG1830684H; NG1997599H; NG1560448H; NG2001226H; NG1845240H; NG1898254H; NG1560453H; NG2198521H; NG1711902H; NG1713359H; NG1678107H; NG1733739H; NG1899959H; NG1571867H; NG2002716H; NG2002627H; NG1770225H; NG1535863H; NG1734329H; NG1560317H; NG1557010H; NG1698332H; NG1991560H; NG1612912H; NG2235556H; NG1830412H; NG1667558H; NG2002878H; NG1734460H; NG1732229H; NG1900461H; NG1734572H; NG1885324H; NG1700100H; NG1690976H; NG1769643H; NG1568929H; NG2090376H; NG2020677H; NG1734278H; NG2145326H; NG1664883H; NG1886585H; NG2006696H; NG1830399H; NG2007569H; NG2004925H; NG1734424H; NG1689346H; NG1688027H; NG1560531H; NG2003663H; NG1762691H; NG1646167H; NG1831146H; NG1991791H; NG1896425H; NG1994374H; NG1734497H; NG2197725H; NG1715908H; NG1896591H; NG1831317H; NG1830990H; NG1769748H; NG1896199H; NG1639037H; NG2009438H; NG1707750H; NG1830587H; NG1549706H; NG2075718H; NG1522231H; NG1663249H; NG1925089H; NG2205901H; NG1831173H; NG2001796H; NG1830500H; NG1707975H; NG1734409H; NG1637186H; NG2007951H; NG1895223H; NG2181482H; NG1708324H; NG1880826H; NG1735615H; NG1734355H; NG1734503H; NG1661436H; NG2020354H; NG1983668H; NG1712427H; NG1997734H; NG2000326H; NG1857310H; NG1522127H; NG1991448H; NG2020536H; NG1998106H; NG1734310H; NG1614414H; NG1522253H; NG1830661H; NG1988828H; NG1951930H; NG1521399H; NG1560423H; NG1977085H; NG1937507H; NG1670064H; NG1820456H; NG1830431H; NG2150594H; NG1548483H; NG1582377H; NG1660313H; NG1893936H; NG1845452H; NG1661289H; NG1581427H; NG1845269H; NG1705558H; NG1660563H; NG1669110H; NG2004567H; NG1517803H; NG1734489H; NG1837391H; NG1830643H; NG1706273H; NG1830572H; NG1687400H; NG1887820H; NG2126128H; NG1560351H; NG1857611H; NG1770176H; NG1645304H; NG2005019H; NG1520492H; NG2126163H; NG1706230H; NG1532750H; NG1880500H; NG1950744H; NG2134429H; NG1668352H; NG1667979H; NG1734730H; NG1709388H; NG2003446H; NG1998185H; NG2020433H; NG1551987H; NG1734737H; NG1559177H; NG1987266H; NG1593943H; NG1668642H; NG1899058H; NG1830747H; NG1678019H; NG1734366H; NG1593521H; NG1999201H; NG1831145H; NG1987577H; NG2000264H; NG1896524H; NG1678099H; NG1731673H; NG2001689H; NG1769957H; NG2020680H; NG1570174H; NG1908773H; NG1522123H; NG1769647H; NG1515091H; NG1734597H; NG1734986H; NG1677964H; NG1663199H; NG1896596H; NG1939461H; NG1880050H; NG2083369H; NG1660443H; NG1736069H; NG1893914H; NG1696709H; NG1570393H; NG1769960H; NG2006782H; NG1924962H; NG1736251H; NG1638579H; NG1619498H; NG1660673H; NG1564267H; NG1697980H; NG1558326H; NG1531924H; NG1686835H; NG1770572H; NG1560478H; NG2020280H; NG1734608H; NG1744878H; NG2077427H; NG2192805H; NG1845147H; NG1760924H; NG1830599H; NG1705850H; NG1989385H; NG2205791H; NG1672846H; NG2003214H; NG2001876H; NG1552913H; NG1528321H; NG1830609H; NG1931482H; NG1677898H; NG1644692H; NG1560445H; NG1983600H; NG2007968H; NG1560420H; NG1830780H; NG1868571H; NG1660303H; NG1983813H; NG1831221H; NG1518170H; NG1987673H; NG1515163H; NG1522430H; NG2020411H; NG1736028H; NG1583844H; NG2003044H; NG1560385H; NG1770949H; NG1908683H; NG2126089H; NG2004358H; NG2020185H; NG1688989H; NG1885071H; NG1898496H; NG1555637H; NG1560450H; NG1932490H; NG1561734H; NG1522388H; NG1932138H; NG1769790H; NG1734185H; NG1734565H; NG2001362H; NG1830493H; NG2003979H; NG1732045H; NG1557974H; NG1769846H; NG1845358H; NG1560827H; NG2004647H; NG2236300H; NG1525059H; NG2020534H; NG2150867H; NG1687862H; NG1565059H; NG1569340H; NG1560473H; NG2009339H; NG1528369H; NG1560388H; NG1985128H; NG2205648H; NG1542120H; NG1900572H; NG1981609H; NG1714898H; NG2238458H; NG1731777H; NG1714642H; NG1531772H; NG1715445H; NG1775342H; NG1769953H; NG1696949H; NG1715554H; NG1895779H; NG1551293H; NG1986583H; NG1845314H; NG1896349H; NG1560338H; NG1521935H; NG2006945H; NG1735778H; NG1734443H; NG1643962H; NG1660951H; NG1769712H; NG1699988H; NG1734215H; NG1734511H; NG2151742H; NG1678160H; NG1560499H; NG1734538H; NG1898200H; NG1531866H; NG1560424H; NG1983541H; NG1830579H; NG1579839H; NG1769663H; NG2205608H; NG2138952H; NG1944748H; NG1560452H; NG1560468H; NG1893151H; NG1637198H; NG1557031H; NG2127099H; NG2005025H; NG1661858H; NG1570755H; NG1660721H; NG2235999H; NG1560391H; NG1736061H; NG1958952H; NG1900430H; NG2181473H; NG1697527H; NG1895840H; NG2079122H; NG1522408H; NG1734974H; NG1999070H; NG1770029H; NG2006933H; NG1998216H; NG1977278H; NG2077662H; NG1932484H; NG1993340H; NG1830462H; NG1734571H; NG1898343H; NG2205872H; NG1734994H; NG1987334H; NG1678146H; NG1734434H; NG1938429H; NG1560441H; NG1998923H; NG1830611H; NG1988924H; NG1639842H; NG1565642H; NG1899902H; NG1540087H; NG1678113H; NG1997983H; NG1996470H; NG1995959H; NG1892710H; NG1705394H; NG1989304H; NG1532486H; NG1734211H; NG1734265H; NG1617337H; NG1732590H; NG2003338H; NG1522089H; NG1989671H; NG1637472H; NG1734408H; NG1734517H; NG1731917H; NG1661070H; NG1603911H; NG1830373H; NG1994162H; NG1968795H; NG1560487H; NG2020359H; NG1560455H; NG1677928H; NG1994850H; NG1769801H; NG1638140H; NG1660409H; NG2008044H; NG1522417H; NG1690951H; NG2192645H; NG1560320H; NG1560460H; NG1732486H; NG2134014H; NG1665439H; NG1702786H; NG1810017H; NG1830670H; NG1732186H; NG1743037H; NG1698282H; NG1830540H; NG1898379H; NG1711424H; NG2020613H; NG1769995H; NG1830362H; NG1615943H; NG1830201H; NG1908549H; NG1831211H; NG1898283H; NG1734691H; NG1559062H; NG1660930H; NG1734540H; NG1678175H; NG1942020H; NG1734567H; NG1831030H; NG1705144H; NG1989350H; NG1978973H; NG1560301H; NG1522997H; NG1677980H; NG1558416H; NG1715309H; NG1909769H; NG1993997H; NG1992175H; NG1560398H; NG1899217H; NG1990480H; NG1734446H; NG2004373H; NG1677962H; NG1560563H; NG1830703H; NG1678007H; NG1831271H; NG1845290H; NG1830697H; NG1999459H; NG1987446H; NG1556604H; NG1989753H; NG1668797H; NG1894871H; NG1542033H; NG2003443H; NG1697513H; NG1944822H; NG2205635H; NG1985021H; NG1895614H; NG2020245H; NG1877851H; NG1661750H; NG1532824H; NG1678026H; NG1735340H; NG1560295H; NG1703886H; NG1845225H; NG1895510H; NG1594926H; NG1734530H; NG1769655H; NG1909471H; NG1573321H; NG1569347H; NG1820527H; NG2020742H; NG1597902H; NG1939503H; NG1689975H; NG2207554H; NG1560483H; NG1988240H; NG1983521H; NG1830653H; NG1678163H; NG1522670H; NG1559706H; NG1732183H; NG1981696H; NG1570620H; NG1991768H; NG1998832H; NG1517002H; NG1560422H; NG1560511H; NG1663155H; NG1665028H; NG1938436H; NG1735612H; NG1831312H; NG1830637H; NG1927226H; NG1830593H; NG2006974H; NG1830513H; NG1734674H; NG2078446H; NG1548779H; NG2020673H; NG1655669H; NG1734771H; NG1732245H; NG1995978H; NG1830806H; NG1713389H; NG1893597H; NG1571756H; NG1686676H; NG1712976H; NG1900254H; NG1594004H; NG1733914H; NG1994145H; NG1830402H; NG1559200H; NG1646218H; NG1560513H; NG1984479H; NG2205613H; NG1845221H; NG1678048H; NG1555932H; NG1550224H; NG1560345H; NG1560474H; NG1845378H; NG1987709H; NG1678001H; NG1678075H; NG1530326H; NG1678094H; NG1734568H; NG1994739H; NG1560393H; NG1716952H; NG2214564H; NG2002329H; NG1700529H; NG1704316H; NG2078088H; NG1983618H; NG1845379H; NG1997918H; NG2003064H; NG1959109H; NG1831176H; NG1689480H; NG1560476H; NG1987415H; NG1734767H; NG2020446H; NG1898502H; NG2002705H; NG2003031H; NG1560512H; NG2020525H; NG1619644H; NG1981253H; NG1769859H; NG1736236H; NG1979320H; NG1734461H; NG1760094H; NG1830537H; NG1716353H; NG1516509H; NG1525351H; NG1710922H; NG1689964H; NG1996830H; NG1908967H; NG1991783H; NG1678053H; NG1552295H; NG1881288H; NG1688442H; NG1830750H; NG1735692H; NG2002258H; NG1806200H; NG2074631H; NG1733851H; NG1560378H; NG1735771H; NG1522549H; NG1551661H; NG1669124H; NG1996904H; NG1731954H; NG1669038H; NG1579465H; NG1733812H; NG1521103H; NG1667624H; NG1735613H; NG1700505H; NG1734410H; NG2213253H; NG1734195H; NG1557987H; NG2181437H; NG1987965H; NG1743377H; NG1579660H; NG1560440H; NG1909917H; NG1734470H; NG1663931H; NG1899564H; NG1950670H; NG1734551H; NG1734926H; NG1836414H; NG2193446H; NG1716398H; NG1734539H; NG2161250H; NG1661747H; NG1560520H; NG1990430H; NG1677542H; NG1529069H; NG1574472H; NG1736073H; NG1570943H; NG1845132H; NG1687397H; NG1760350H; NG1715259H; NG1714445H; NG1518290H; NG1993854H; NG1732102H; NG1830606H; NG1830465H; NG1541710H; NG1678155H; NG1900588H; NG1997169H; NG1938619H; NG1677894H; NG1998123H; NG1661792H; NG1880970H; NG1735039H; NG1931424H; NG1869241H; NG1910491H; NG1696842H; NG1708002H; NG1830830H; NG2002642H; NG2002951H; NG1830210H; NG1990421H; NG1636030H; NG1831318H; NG1696903H; NG1898479H; NG1678095H; NG1998671H; NG1880551H; NG1559160H; NG1938271H; NG1619326H; NG1696789H; NG1898233H; NG1769978H; NG1551960H; NG1568400H; NG1996016H; NG1895575H; NG2020710H; NG1560407H; NG1678154H; NG1769791H; NG1560444H; NG2020216H; NG1898209H; NG1668038H; NG1999252H; NG1522077H; NG1734345H; NG1769951H; NG1687698H; NG1769878H; NG1856374H; NG2007077H; NG2005222H; NG1977584H; NG1735767H; NG1983532H; NG1561171H; NG1712285H; NG1734592H; NG1999036H; NG1519067H; NG1769707H; NG1705150H; NG1665487H; NG1989324H; NG1514619H; NG1971727H; NG1743085H; NG1983827H; NG1831105H; NG2077605H; NG2205626H; NG1732133H; NG1830575H; NG1522456H; NG1732828H; NG1519932H; NG1830239H; NG1926648H; NG1731833H; NG1616093H; NG2152220H; NG1752662H; NG2002106H; NG2143888H; NG1995034H; NG1995098H; NG1687971H; NG1845275H; NG1830541H; NG1997840H; NG1677872H; NG2006110H; NG1677885H; NG1665563H; NG1677994H; NG1989713H; NG1662503H; NG1830796H; NG1710863H; NG1734712H; NG2001354H; NG1669891H; NG1613315H; NG1734354H; NG1669301H; NG1645644H; NG2126222H; NG1893806H; NG2073980H; NG1977572H; NG1851999H; NG1899945H; NG1592742H; NG1705665H; NG1555541H; NG1615035H; NG1579659H; NG1770183H; NG2005515H; NG1646139H; NG2020721H; NG2020451H; NG2020665H; NG1705070H; NG1931251H; NG1987779H; NG2005078H; NG1697955H; NG2181009H; NG1984341H; NG1988323H; NG1572587H; NG2001673H; NG2020353H; NG1574713H; NG1677773H; NG1594954H; NG1532204H; NG1830660H; NG1830474H; NG1772408H; NG1734252H; NG1540755H; NG1990365H; NG1769918H; NG1662507H; NG2004849H; NG1521322H; NG2206077H; NG2182256H; NG1558385H; NG1984053H; NG1560557H; NG1734586H; NG1769826H; NG1519637H; NG2152276H; NG1996353H; NG1845470H; NG1999003H; NG1734583H; NG1522813H; NG2020398H; NG1677972H; NG1732659H; NG1710947H; NG1664795H; NG2125411H; NG1527220H; NG1665060H; NG1899800H; NG1734512H; NG1637923H; NG2007045H; NG1735561H; NG1678157H; NG1984178H; NG1993385H; NG1868716H; NG1718132H; NG1691004H; NG1895664H; NG1568623H; NG1734634H; NG2004416H; NG1850858H; NG1557788H; NG1761657H; NG1619577H; NG1668507H; NG1559590H; NG1560484H; NG2005526H; NG1769737H; NG1637405H; NG2004963H; NG1713878H; NG1583519H; NG2126276H; NG1678044H; NG2006707H; NG1561262H; NG1677795H; NG2154590H; NG1668048H; NG1713211H; NG1540449H; NG1998569H; NG1993378H; NG1687495H; NG1560469H; NG1845486H; NG1717237H; NG2000832H; NG1613071H; NG1988745H; NG1645283H; NG2083477H; NG1735230H; NG1660071H; NG1560472H; NG1769800H; NG1579811H; NG1718233H; NG1678016H; NG1715226H; NG1856534H; NG1885952H; NG1893700H; NG1830666H; NG1518215H; NG1678171H; NG1898241H; NG1926808H; NG1895571H; NG1769682H; NG1677983H; NG1769962H; NG1662211H; NG1565201H; NG1519002H; NG1735490H; NG2020376H; NG1662464H; NG1558263H; NG1845292H; NG1734522H; NG2002006H; NG1751943H; NG1712135H; NG1532653H; NG1556455H; NG2144148H; NG1519670H; NG1660722H; NG1991244H; NG1660642H; NG1898337H; NG1551190H; NG1926972H; NG1736017H; NG1735053H; NG1663922H; NG1830585H; NG1677918H; NG1750585H; NG2002378H; NG1898385H; NG2020465H; NG1559071H; NG1522453H; NG2082398H; NG1586880H; NG2206065H; NG1895480H; NG1519095H; NG1672750H; NG1560488H; NG1543110H; NG1735360H; NG1716465H; NG1988285H; NG1560340H; NG1560454H; NG1678158H; NG1830507H; NG2004739H; NG1663870H; NG1560605H; NG1705168H; NG1900562H; NG1573438H; NG1687707H; NG1831051H; NG1537445H; NG1996172H; NG1731821H; NG1896172H; NG1614202H; NG1711741H; NG1991595H; NG2001596H; NG1556430H; NG1690119H; NG1994704H; NG1896191H; NG1734012H; NG2003054H; NG1930927H; NG2182379H; NG1549486H; NG1743403H; NG1762645H; NG1696673H; NG2182219H; NG1619902H; NG1989152H; NG2018987H; NG1742834H; NG1880486H; NG1916276H; NG2207068H; NG2076280H; NG1899892H; NG1845377H; NG1734271H; NG1997909H; NG1699255H; NG1851671H; NG1678101H; NG2000287H; NG2008103H; NG1616032H; NG2000500H; NG1560475H; NG1705413H; NG1524717H; NG1570375H; NG1564541H; NG2173598H; NG1868837H; NG1909007H; NG1637655H; NG1938768H; NG1732119H; NG1638838H; NG2078640H; NG2020521H; NG2012618H; NG1830394H; NG1769606H; NG1908541H; NG1636906H; NG1770174H; NG1893699H; NG1519563H; NG1532911H; NG1989689H; NG2205660H; NG1769796H; NG1899198H; NG1932062H; NG1987226H; NG1977989H; NG1571824H; NG1732325H; NG1898422H; NG2004283H; NG1540972H; NG1932012H; NG1998326H; NG1677943H; NG1593243H; NG1830418H; NG1516074H; NG1678111H; NG1662216H; NG1560505H; NG1998655H; NG1715524H; NG1830612H; NG1925786H; NG1830567H; NG1522521H; NG1711922H; NG1735526H; NG1698438H; NG1830656H; NG1926579H; NG1994505H; NG1678086H; NG2000528H; NG1908788H; NG1547541H; NG1895706H; NG1580433H; NG2205715H; NG1915538H; NG1522523H; NG1524159H; NG1984872H; NG1925753H; NG2008131H; NG1769719H; NG2020715H; NG1520477H; NG2214347H; NG1735211H; NG1560477H; NG2003794H; NG1830473H; NG1831186H; NG1769708H; NG1660385H; NG1734467H; NG1731764H; NG1709144H; NG1941977H; NG1645794H; NG1662273H; NG1994447H; NG1900360H; NG1699429H; NG1522315H; NG2205623H; NG1736093H; NG2003829H; NG1660119H; NG1900573H; NG1713932H; NG1996314H; NG1661071H; NG1597445H; NG1989322H;
Center Classification Date20210601
Recall Initiation Date20210315
Recalling FirmMedtronic Minimed
Initial Notification E-Mail
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