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Philips North America Llc Recall 94468

Description: Patient Information Center iX and Patient Information Center iX Expand, Software Version 4.x.

Philips North America Llc Recall 94468 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1827-2024
Event ID94468
Event DescriptionPatient Information Center iX and Patient Information Center iX Expand, Software Version 4.x.
Product TypeDevices
DistributionWorldwide - US Nationwide distribution in the states of CA, FL, GA, IA, MA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NM, NY, OH, PA, TN, TX, WA, WV, & DC. The countries of AE, AT, AU, BE, BR, CA, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IL, IN, IT, JP, KR, LT, NL, NO, OM, PL, PT, RO, SE, SG, SK, TH, & ZA.
Quantity358 units (US: 45; OUS: 313)
Recall ReasonEvent Catalog information does not save when copied and transferred from one unit to another.
Device Classification20240522
Device Code InfoModel No. 866389 and 866390. UDI-DI: n/a; Serial No. 7G6G-7PGV-W, 5971-2NL7-Z, 6D62-19MD-9, 463N-67ME-X, 6U1W-7TJA-9, 5K2A-6DHP-K, 5E42-35J4-P, 4E6Z-70HU-B, 1T12-0MNA-C, 0C0L-0FKE-4, 2H34-3MMP-U, 6P1E-7HJU-W, 3R6X-3XNY-6, 7F50-53NK-L, 3Z3B-1AHM-H, 0128-2WG5-0, 0K6E-39G4-5, 0C5Y-7FHX-V, 0X7R-2AGC-Y, 0P5D-5VMH-V, 2K0X-0TLA-F, 6627-6MKH-U, 5J7B-1XPT-T, 7U4C-44NB-E, 2Y7R-5KGZ-W, 1P22-0XNW-P, 1004-6RJX-E, 1U0P-0FKE-C, 396T-5ZH1-5, 0Y0Z-3GJ0-A, 7Y5Z-7FHX-F, 7U76-1HM0-D, 2X44-7ELE-J, 7Z3Y-0LJ3-2, 7R7A-6CPV-0, 3C44-7ELE-4, 2L0L-0FKE-A, 1V70-3XNY-9, 5A4T-57JE-R, 375F-7UMF-K, 6031-24GX-X, 2M2G-15LB-E, 2630-65P4-3, 6E64-7XLV-M, 3K33-61K2-0, 227N-7JG6-J, 6X1X-3CH6-V, 0T41-35J4-A, 4R0G-60JV-1, 414L-03P1-E, 6Y4B-44NB-J, 7C5C-7UMF-D, 1305-0UH7-M, 116V-21KC-Z, 4R1J-18LJ-4, 3A0H-6AMX-6, 4R03-1FHE-U, 5C4L-7WMK-2, 6B35-3MMP-T, 0X63-19MD-G, 350Y-2DMM-7, 2N37-04K8-1, 6Z1H-1KG1-6, 2P1T-75JN-B, 5X3N-67ME-P, 6K59-0HN3-B, 2V57-6TKK-N, 264N-2LKY-K, 0D1V-48PE-J, 6U32-24GX-0, 684V-57JE-Z, 610R-7AHH-2, 2K53-2END-0, 5G2W-1VNP-A, 5Y2X-65P4-E, 545X-32PN-F, 1R44-7ELE-2, 0R1W-2MNL-2, 2V51-29H4-H, 6T49-44NB-Z, 6B6G-3DKJ-4, 781X-48PE-W, 2M51-6KKD-E, 3055-68PX-3, 3V31-7NPM-F, 7Z05-0UH7-V, 0J71-6UGD-Z, 4R5J-5AGH-B, 116Z-1ZL8-V, 1K1B-1EGA-D, 1W6W-21KC-Z, 567W-7BG9-5, 0T1M-18LJ-R, 0F6V-6XMZ-5, 221G-5NMA-3, 4W6U-0PLF-2, 6F3G-46MR-K, 612A-2WG5-W, 1Z7W-00G0-F, 670F-60JV-1, 4T62-19MD-7, 523N-67ME-8, 067L-7MPL-2, 2J7X-2CJW-6, 017L-0VKT-B, 6633-24GX-D, 7676-1HM0-9, 4M77-1HM0-G, 3T5P-0YG8-Y, 003W-3UN7-M, 3D5U-2PJT-3, 117J-0BLD-V, 4K30-5BNT-7, 4V6C-1PJ5-R, 3T0R-7AHH-X, 325N-73HZ-G, 5Y3Z-2RHR-N, 4Y52-29H4-P, 5A4L-1CJJ-J, 724E-34MB-4, 4J6V-6XMZ-R, 156Y-70HU-R, 041V-48PE-D, 4N5A-1NH8-5, 6Z5N-0YG8-R, 2A5H-1YML-U, 5Y6J-3HL1-E, 6D2X-1BLC-4, 483K-28MC-M, 1036-4KHG-N, 6L0D-02P6-4, 5G1Y-1WJ2-5, 302H-6LPP-W, 5F6T-6XMZ-Y, 2N78-6CPV-9, 6Z6H-7PGV-1, 3F7R-56K0-H, 1J5H-1YML-3, 6R2J-47P7-9, 032M-79HL-V, 623Z-2RHR-9, 4W08-0UH7-U, 7A3M-6VGP-H, 5N40-2RHR-N, 002A-5MGJ-6, 4L7Y-00G0-F, 521J-18LJ-5, 121R-22HW-3, 1R7K-0VKT-L, 6M6N-0DN4-G, 472X-65P4-L, 3L6U-0PLF-V, 2C6N-3KLU-C, 4H5T-0YG8-P, 2A5D-1NH8-Y, 0M6B-7VM6-F, 0P4Y-78J7-V, 0A61-74NU-C, 4U39-3JGK-2, 5L5X-32PN-Z, 713Z-3UN7-Y, 7W3Y-0LJ3-B, 0Y5Z-7FHX-N, 6F2V-1BLC-W, 706P-0PLF-0, 737K-7LPC-G, 6U2G-3YNZ-J, 064C-44NB-H, 3F5L-5AGH-9, 6N1K-25G7-8, 6M5J-0JLM-H, 617X-31N5-0, 284W-72P0-G, 2K1C-42GL-Y, 0U28-2WG5-M, 1Y2E-0NNG-X, 0N1E-7HJU-5, 6L0F-60JV-U, 2V2W-3VM1-X, 1256-68PX-G, 6H5T-3FHA-4, 3K0J-6GLT-B, 591J-18LJ-G, 094B-40KU-3, 4U0A-3WPK-D, 0D6E-39G4-P, 2X7R-5KGZ-Z, 4V52-30PD-F, 0W65-4PJB-V, 115M-4LGG-4, 6N2W-7DL9-K, 2Z73-2NL7-2, 5K0P-17M9-H, 3107-4RG3-6, 2V3T-67ME-K, 5F72-2NL7-Y, 3B54-58M8-P, 1A4K-2BNM-C, 016X-52P8-4, 3153-2END-M, 0B5K-10GT-X, 3X12-2GGN-V, 0Z7K-0VKT-0, 5B0U-08NR-E, 2V03-1FHE-K, 4W2V-3VM1-7, 3Z3G-0KN0-0, 2Y5M-5AGH-E, 1D5N-0YG8-K, 0A3U-6ZJ1-5, 693T-6YM2-Y, 574E-40KU-P, 2X46-12JD-H, 4T7D-4EJH-E, 6Y79-1HM0-M, 0V7B-4EJH-A, 3Z4R-2LKY-9, 2141-35J4-G, 0V4G-0EG2-B, 4C76-1HM0-U, 2W26-0CKW-V, 5Y1Y-3CH6-A, 534U-57JE-Y, 7T0A-02P6-1, 4H2B-5YJP-0, 1J61-2KH5-M, 2L2P-6HHJ-D, 5G2A-6DHP-W, 7J0C-69LP-H, 1M6T-5ZH1-3, 6J3E-0KN0-2, 7A4Y-78J7-V, 6L3G-46MR-4, 4L7J-7MPL-J, 0Y0L-0FKE-E, 5H6A-2ZKV-1, 3F3D-41PZ-F, 661M-4HGE-D, 2P5H-0JLM-Y, 1135-04K8-Z, 7X0C-69LP-G, .
Center Classification Date20240515
Recall Initiation Date20240419
Recalling FirmPhilips North America Llc
Initial Notification N/A
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