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Vero Biotech, LLC Recall 87764

Description: GENOSYL DS; Nitric Oxide Delivery System Combination Product NDA202860

Vero Biotech, LLC Recall 87764 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-1863-2021
Event ID87764
Event DescriptionGENOSYL DS; Nitric Oxide Delivery System Combination Product NDA202860
Product TypeDevices
DistributionDistributed nationwide to TX, MD, VA, GA, FL, KS, LA, MN, and NC
Quantity465 units
Recall ReasonReports received of NO measured below desired dose during transition between primary console and backup console since Software Version 2.2.3 was uploaded to consoles in the field.
Device Classification20210630
Device Code InfoModel #: 601588-01; Serial #'s: G0803, G0807, G0808, G0814, G0149, G0157, G0183, G0191, G0195, G0198, G0202, G0560, G0600, G0693, G0729, G0734, G0772, G0775, G0138, G0147, G0155, G0159, G0172, G0185, G0203, G0209, G0282, G0344, G0385, G0398, G0408, G0415, G0569, G0601, G0756, G0323, G0358, G0379, G0383, G0386, G0405, G0334, G0399, G0413, G0463, G0158, G0174, G0285, G0305, G0466, G0719, G0135, G0194, G0205, G0281, G0362, G0407, G0573, G0574, G0578, G0579, G0582, G0583, G0587, G0590, G0591, G0594, G0596, G0597, G0598, G0603, G0609, G0611, G0680, G0708, G0110, G0111, G0131, G0137, G0140, G0176, G0207, G0212, G0232, G0237, G0246, G0251, G0253, G0262, G0263, G0266, G0280, G0449, G0453, G0608, G0642, G0644, G0663, G0688, G0712, G0717, G0739, G0745, G0747, G0762, G0764, G0765, G0793, G0125, G0129, G0133, G0169, G0181, G0257, G0292, G0645, G0804, G0180, G0293, G0311, G0322, G0338, G0341, G0342, G0353, G0480, G0499, G0506, G0519, G0521, G0522, G0565, G0681, G0735, G0738, G0748, G0754, G0760, G0770, G0773, G0773, G0782, G0223, G0227, G0235, G0236, G0347, G0352, G0355, G0359, G0378, G0382, G0175, G0273, G0476, G0562, G0792, G0162, G0163, G0189, G0607, G0143, G0160, G0164, G0214, G0215, G0283, G0284, G0296, G0298, G0303, G0313, G0315, G0319, G0329, G0333, G0335, G0370, G0375, G0495, G0509, G0510, G0511, G0550, G0571, G0588, G0589, G0593, G0646, G0672, G0689, G0723, G0724, G0725, G0736, G0744, G0771, G0778, G0795, G0204, G0218, G0269, G0272, G0343, G0580, G0193, G0294, G0300, G0302, G0308, G0465, G0518, G0567, G0190, G0278, G0279, g0286, G0297, G0374, G0393, G0728, G0307, G0309, G0312, G0318, G0320, G0406, G0434, G0643, G0229, G0230, G0231, G0240, G0460, G0469, G0488, G0489, G0493, G0496, G0500, G0501, G0599, G0605, G0610, G0647, G0648, G0650, G0651, G0653, G0654, G0655, G0656, G0658, G0661, G0667, G0668, G0670, G0671, G0677, G0678, G0686, G0691, G0694, G0697, G0702, G0707, G0713, G0715, G0716, G0718, G0726, G0730, G0733, G0741, G0755, G0806, G0813, G0818, G0261, G0270, G0274, G0275, G0094, G0363, G0369, G0430, G0435, G0440, G0444, G0452, G0475, G0487, G0490, G0508, G0537, G0549, G0234, G0380, G0389, G0402, G0409, G0483, G0497, G0576, G0584, G0585, G0277, G0346, G0390, G0423, G0443, G0445, G0447, G0451, G0454, G0455, G0457, G0458, G0459, G0461, G0464, G0467, G0474, G0479, G0481, G0486, G0492, G0504, G0512, G0515, G0516, G0517, G0520, G0524, G0527, G0528, G0529, G0531, G0532, G0533, G0536, G0539, G0542, G0545, G0546, G0547, G0551, G0552, G0553, G0554, G0557, G0558, G0559, G0561, G0570, G0581, G0602, G0710, G0743, G0749, G0752, G0768, G0787, G0289, G0371, G0357, G0372, G0391, G0701, G0186, G0327, G0337, G0568, G0604, G0675, G0679, G0682, G0692, G0700, G0703, G0396, G0397, G0228, G0245, G0288, G0387, G0414, G0418, G0420, G0437, G0439, G0535, G0572, G0211, G0268, G0365, G0544, G0592, G0252, G0349, G0606, G0192, G0417, G0485, G0507, G0523, G0563, G0146, G0166, G0304, G0306, G0314, G0332, G0339, G0403, G0422, G0424, G0428, G0429, G0431, G0432, G0436, G0450, G0473, G0491, G0426, G0427, G0301, G0425, G0706, G0720, G0722, G0727, G0789, G0797, G0799, G0805, G0665, G0684, G0696, G0714, G0740, G0796, G0367, G0595, G0721, G0731, G0732, G0109, G0124, G0136, G0139, G0331, G0468, G0566, G0810, G0816, G0381, G0767, G0779, G0790, G0737, G0763, G0766, G0774
Center Classification Date20210623
Recall Initiation Date20210519
Recalling FirmVero Biotech, LLC
Initial Notification E-Mail
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