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Medtronic Neuromodulation Recall 88160

Description: Medtronic StimLoc Burr Hole Cover, Part Numbers: a) 3387S-40 b) 3389S-28 c) 3389S-40 d) 3391S-40 e) 3550S-01 f) 924256 g) DB-5000

Medtronic Neuromodulation Recall 88160 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberZ-2228-2021
Event ID88160
Event DescriptionMedtronic StimLoc Burr Hole Cover, Part Numbers: a) 3387S-40 b) 3389S-28 c) 3389S-40 d) 3391S-40 e) 3550S-01 f) 924256 g) DB-5000
Product TypeDevices
DistributionAL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV and Hawaii
Recall ReasonExcess nylon flash on the clip.
Device Classification20210818
Device Code Infoa) PART NUMBER: 3387S-40 - DBS Lead with StimLoc LOTS # : VA21YUS, VA24RVV, VA25SDK, VA26Q2S, VA27X8H, VA2980G, VA29Z9A, VA2DA2Z, VA21ZJU, VA24S65, VA25WK1, VA26XP2, VA27ZRF, VA29814, VA2A5MJ, VA2DA5Y, VA21ZYP, VA24S66, VA2613V, VA26ZFU, VA281L5, VA2985H, VA2AK84, VA2DA9E, VA222L5, VA24SRF, VA261EL, VA275SC, VA2820Y, VA29BSM, VA2APV8, VA2DEKH, VA227E2, VA24UVS, VA263GC, VA275SD, VA282CS, VA29E09, VA2B3PB, VA2DVM9, VA22LDZ, VA24ZFG, VA26460, VA276GS, VA283SF, VA29LP7, VA2B3PN, VA2DVME, VA236DC, VA254MA, VA2696J, VA277EB, VA28C1Z, VA29LPC, VA2B3PQ, VA2DVNX, VA23BWB, VA254MC, VA2696L, VA27JJV, VA28C36, VA29PPY, VA2BFSP, VA23BXM, VA254MD, VA269LV, VA27MQ3, VA28DVB, VA29S0E, VA2BHV6, VA23J1U, VA2562G, VA26AGU, VA27RMG, VA28LVR, VA29S0F, VA2CEVY, VA23J4X, VA257LH, VA26E5P, VA27SW9, VA28NFL, VA29SB3, VA2CPP0, VA23L21, VA25QDQ, VA26E5R, VA27V4Y, VA28NG1, VA29UNG, VA2CXDR, VA23S64, VA25RHC, VA26K1N, VA27WDK, VA28SC8, VA29UPA, VA2D9X8, VA24R3X, VA25S3A, VA26K1R, VA27WDP, VA28XL0, VA29Z98, VA2DA0S, VA23LXN, VA23WY0, VA2446L, VA24AFN, VA24FA2, VA25DKB, VA23WXZ, VA23X94, VA249A6, VA24EYN, VA2562K, VA23LXN, VA23WY0, VA2446L, VA24AFN, VA24FA2, VA25DKB, VA23WXZ, VA23X94, VA249A6, VA24EYN and VA2562K b) PART NUMBER: 3389S-28 DBS Lead with StimLoc LOTS #: VA25K4W, VA25CMZ and VA25DKD c) PART NUMBER: 3389S-40 - DBS Lead with StimLoc LOTS #: VA21X0Y, VA24WXJ, VA260NN, VA27QE4, VA28NFM, VA29ZU0, VA2BE8A, VA2CQET, VA21ZJV, VA25101, VA26233, VA27RET, VA28SCE, VA2A3HK, VA2BEXC, VA2CQFM, VA21ZL1, VA259WX, VA2670U, VA27REU, VA28URD, VA2A6K7, VA2BF1G, VA2CQH2, VA227NQ, VA25B79, VA2672S, VA27SWB, VA28URE, VA2ACW4, VA2BFG0, VA2CRKW, VA228PU, VA25HSZ, VA26GGZ, VA27V8S, VA28XHX, VA2ACW5, VA2BHHW, VA2D6WD, VA22C6L, VA25N4Y, VA26GPA, VA27WDE, VA28ZQ0, VA2AD57, VA2BJEH, VA2D71G, VA22KF4, VA25N50, VA26KJ3, VA27ZA2, VA28ZQ2, VA2AD5G, VA2C8BG, VA2D730, VA22MXM, VA25N6D, VA26NWG, VA27ZRE, VA291YL, VA2AH9C, VA2CABX, VA2D739, VA22TDL, VA25RSZ, VA26Q16, VA280V2, VA291YM, VA2AHHR , VA2CBQ0, VA2D73E, VA22V9R, VA25TBA, VA26Q6E, VA283SH, VA2924E, VA2AHNG, VA2CFBH, VA2DAZA, VA22VZB, VA25UBK, VA26R4H, VA2865T, VA2924F, VA2AHNM, VA2CJ4Z , VA2DAZT, VA22Y79, VA25UG1, VA26TK5, VA2893X, VA29LPD, VA2AHT7, VA2CK66, VA2DB2C, VA237AP, VA25VKR, VA26XGF, VA289WG, VA29LUC, VA2AR36, VA2CK8L, VA2DB2L, VA2382J, VA25VQD, VA26ZFV, VA289WH, VA29MUW, VA2B3SB, VA2CLRF, VA2DB2V, VA2382Y, VA25XC7, VA272ZP, VA28DN6, VA29PLU, VA2B3SC, VA2CN0F, VA2DBAU, VA2384E, VA25YHU, VA275D6, VA28E06, VA29PM8, VA2B7G5, VA2CN0H, VA2DUR8, VA239JK, VA25YHW, VA276MJ, VA28KWJ, VA29UB3, VA2BDS1, VA2CN7Z, VA2DUR9, VA23P6D, VA25YR5, VA27E9P, VA28LHR, VA29UPD, VA2BDSE, VA2CN86, VA2DURH, VA23S5Z, VA25ZJ3, VA27JJS, VA28LHU, VA29UPH, VA2BDSX, VA2CN8A, VA24PD4, VA25ZJ6, VA27K8D, VA28M21, VA29ZES, VA2BE44, VA2CNX0, VA24RVR, VA25ZUB, VA27NE2, VA28M22, VA29ZM2, VA2BE7W, VA2CNXG, VA24WXH, VA25ZWB, VA27PDB, VA28M9B, VA29ZSC, VA2BE86, VA2CPPV, VA23MM7, VA23TVY, VA240PB, VA24237, VA2493U, VA24EYM, VA24L0S VA25LHE, VA23S65, VA23WXW, VA240YK, VA2440E, VA2493V, VA24G61 VA24M5P, VA25PZU, VA23TFY, VA23X95, VA241H1, VA244QV, VA24A58, VA24G7S, VA25B78, VA25QSW, VA23TVT, VA23XYL, VA241NE, VA245W8, VA24AYZ, VA24GWZ and VA25CF3 d) PART NUMBER: 3391S-40 - DBS Lead with StimLoc LOTS #: VA2391V, VA25B91, VA2AD6N, VA2BJWK, VA2DN50 and VA2DR23 e) PART NUMBER: 3550S-01 - Spare Parts Kit for StimLoc¿ Burr Hole Cover LOTS #: 082300620, 082307020, 082307620, 082329819, 082332919, 082335119, 082335320, 82316820 and 82326919 f) PART NUMBER: 924256 - StimLoc Burr Hole Cover LOTS #: 082202020A, 082203820A, 082211120A, 082228819A, 082234520A, 082202121A, 082207920A, 082214120A, 082232319A, 082235019A and 082224219A g) PART NUMBER: DB-5000 -StimLoc Support Clips LOTS #: 082104420
Center Classification Date20210806
Recall Initiation Date20210602
Recalling FirmMedtronic Neuromodulation
Initial Notification Letter
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