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Recall D-0319-2023

Description: TPN 107gm/AA, 200gm/DEX, 50gm/LIP 2250mL, (b) 108GM/AA, 330GM/DEX 3000ML, (c) 108GM/AA, 330GM/DEX, 60GM/LIP 3000ML, (d) 37GM/AA, 160GM/DEX 1450ML, (e) 37GM/AA, 160GM/DEX, 25GM/LIP 1450ML, (f) 74-100GM OF PROTEIN B4197 74 Gm, (g) 75GM/AA, 200GM/DEX, 43GM/LIP 2500ML, (h) 90GM/AA ; 255GM/DEX ; 50GM/LIP 3500 ml, (i) 90GM/AA ; 255GMDEX 3500 ml, (j) TPN AA 100GM DEX: 320GM LIP: 50GM 2400ML, (k) TPN AA 30GM DEX: 145GM 1210ML, (l) TPN AA 30GM DEX: 145GM LIP: 35GM 1210ML, (m)TPN AA 42GM DEX: 432GM 2070ML, (n) TPN AA 50GM DEX: 130GM 2500ML, (o) TPN AA 55GM DEX:180GM 1000ML, (p) TPN AA 70GM DEX:290GM 2100ML, (q) TPN AA 70GM DEX:290GM 2500ML, (r) TPN AA 80GM DEX:200GM 1900ML, (s) TPN AA 80GM DEX:200GM LIP:38GM 1900ML, (t) TPN AA 30GM ; DEX 82GM ; IN 890 ml, (u) TPN AA 30GM ; DEX 82GM ; LIP 18GM IN 890 ml, Rx Only, use with Curlin pump, Sentara Home Infusion Pharmacy Services, 535 Independence Pkwy, Ste 300, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Recall D-0319-2023 Information

Mandated?Voluntary: Firm initiated
Recall NumberD-0319-2023
Event ID91466
DistributionDispensed to Patients Nationwide.
Quantity111 bags
Recall ReasonLack of sterility assurance
Drug ClassificationClass II
Drug Code Info20230222
Recall Initiation Date20221227
Report Date20230222
Classification Date20230215
Address535 Independence Pkwy Ste 300
Chesapeake, VA 23320-5176
United States
Recalling FirmSentara Infusion Services
Initial Notification Telephone
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