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Name Date
Brumlow Mills J.C. Penney Zen Large and Small Room Rugs 05/23/2014
Chandra Rugs Art Collection Leather Shag Rugs 05/23/2014
JLA Home Zebra Rugs 05/23/2014
Crate and Barrel Remy Shag Rugs 05/23/2014
J.C. Penney Alyssa Shag Rugs 05/23/2014
InterfaceFLOR Heartfelt Carpet Tiles 02/19/2015
Phil Vassil Wool Flokati Rugs 05/23/2014
Hellenic Rug Imports Shag Leather Rugs 05/23/2014
Hellenic Rug Imports Mazarakis Flokati 3A, Mazarakis Floco white flokati rugs 05/23/2014
Shaw Industries’ Southern Breezes Wall-to-Wall Carpet 05/23/2014
Pottery Barn Bailey Chenille Rugs 05/23/2014
Galveston Bay nylon pile carpets 02/04/2015
Colony Carpets Shalimar shag carpeting 02/04/2015
Falcon Fashion Right carpets 02/04/2015
Jorges Magic Affair carpets 02/04/2015
Mars, Uranius carpets 02/03/2015
Eros S.C. flokati rugs 02/04/2015

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