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Name Date
Leg Press 01/13/2015
Powertec Workbench Leverage Gyms 05/23/2014
ICON Health & Fitness Nordic Track Revitalize, Gold’s Gym, and Weider Club Inversion Benches 05/23/2014
Nautilus F3 Chin Dip Stationary Exercise Units 05/23/2014
Thane, Utop Sporting Orbitrek Elite (OE), Orbitrek Elite Magnetic (OEM) Elliptical Exercise Gliders 05/23/2014
Stamina Products Elliptical Magnetic 1772, Air 1725, Air Resistance 1723 Cross Trainers 05/23/2014
Paramount Fitness PL2100 Leg Curl Machines 05/23/2014
EB Brands Bally Total Fitness, Everlast, Valeo and Body Fit Fitness Balls 06/13/2014
Nautilus Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gyms 05/23/2014
Cybex Treadmills 05/23/2014
Reebok/Fitness Associates Incorporated (F.A.I.) Studio Exercise Cycles 05/23/2014
Nashbar Direct 2008 Travel Trac Gravity Inertial Millennium Trainers 05/23/2014
Performance Travel Trac Inertial, I-Force Wireless, Millennium I-Force Trainers 05/23/2014
Stamina Products Pro Inversion Systems, Inversion Therapy Tables 05/23/2014
Fitness Quest Eclipse 1175e Elliptical Trainers 05/23/2014
Nautilus Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gyms 05/23/2014
Icon Health & Fitness Nordic Track and Reebok Inversion Benches 05/23/2014
Cybex 400T, 410T, Trotter 510, 525, 535, CXT+ Treadmills 05/23/2014
Flaghouse Inc. Kidnastics Balance Beams 05/23/2014
FreeMotion Cable Cross and Dual Cable Cross Exercise Machines 05/23/2014
York Olympic Hard Chrome, Black Oxide, Needle-bearing Weightlifting Bars 05/23/2014
Vision Fitness 2006 Premier Consoles sold with treadmill frames 05/23/2014
Endurance Treadmills 05/23/2014
Fitness Quest Gazelle Freestyle Cross Trainer, Cross Trainer Pro Gliders 05/23/2014
Hoist, Body Gear Fold-Up/Folding Exercise Benches 05/23/2014
Nautilus Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gyms 05/23/2014
Performance Travel Trac CenturyV, Mag Force Bicycle Resistance Trainers 05/23/2014
Nashbar Watt Master, 2006 Fluid & Magnetic Bicycle Resistance Trainers 05/23/2014
abc distributing Pilates Balls 05/23/2014
LTD Commodities, Lakeside Collection Pilates Balls 05/23/2014
Icon Epic T60 treadmills 05/23/2014
Sportcraft Tredex 6.0, TX 440 & TX 550 Treadmills 05/23/2014
Nautilus/Schwinn Fitness Group NT 1020 Exercise Benches 05/23/2014
Fitness Quest Ab Lounge, Ab Lounge 2, Ab Lounge Ultimate Exercisers 05/23/2014
Bowflex Power Pro and Bowflex Ultimate Fitness Machines 05/23/2014
Reebok, NordicTrack Chrome Dumbbells 05/23/2014
Sportcraft Tredex 10.0 treadmills 05/23/2014
Bowflex Power Pro Fitness machines 05/23/2014
Cybex Treadmills 05/23/2014
Life Fitness Treadmills 05/23/2014
Ab Swing manual exercise units 05/23/2014
Fitness Quest Total Gym exercise machines 05/23/2014
Total Gym XL Exercisers 05/23/2014
ICON Health & Fitness Hiker short platform treadmills 05/23/2014
Spectrum Fitness Multi-Purpose Weight Benches 06/23/2014
Stamina exercising machines 02/26/2015
Weider Sporting Goods Exercise Benches 02/03/2015
Pull-Up Exerciser, Maxi Rower stomach exerciser 01/26/2015
Schwinn XR-5 exerciser bicycles 01/26/2015
Exer-Climber spring exerciser 01/21/2015
Merchant’s exercise cycles 01/21/2015
Concept ‘N’ Motion Leg Toner Exercise Machines 01/16/2015
Stomach Eliminator exerciser 01/15/2015
New Gym Stomach Eliminator exercisers 01/16/2015
Rowing Action Exerciser spring exercisers 01/15/2015
Low Impact Climber stair climber physical fitness exercise machine 01/07/2015
Gut Buster stomach exercise devices 01/06/2015
Arm Curl Machines 08/25/2015
Ascent Trainer® by Matrix and Matrix Fitness Elliptical 01/08/2015
Johnny G. Krankcycle® by Matrix 01/26/2015
Perfect Resistance Bands 01/15/2015
Weight Workbenches 01/15/2015

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