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Name Date
Conair BabylissPro Mighty Mini, Nano Titanium (TM), Tourmaline Compact hair dryers 05/23/2014
Vintage International National and Sanyo Hand-Held Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Universalink International Trading Special and Narita Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Big Lots Stores Style Elements Cool Shot Turbo Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Travel’N Baby Mini Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Style Tronics Monica and Turbo 1200 Hand-Held Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Eusonic Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
National Electric Kuru Kuru Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
Turbo Power Twin Turbo Ionic, Coldmatic, Parlux electric hand-held hair dryers 05/23/2014
Virgo Turbo, Laser, Super Turbo, Turbo Plus electric hand held hair dryers 05/23/2014
Light Distribution & Windsor Turbo electric hand-held hair dryers 05/23/2014
Solis Hair dryers 05/23/2014
Blason Turbo Style Hand-Held Hair Dryers 05/23/2014
BABYLISS hairdryers 05/30/2014
Remington Vortex Ultra hairdryers 05/23/2014
Logix portable hairdryers 05/23/2014
Oster hand-held electric hair dryers 05/23/2014
Compact Pro portable hairdryers 05/23/2014
Professional Styler hand-held hair dryers 03/02/2015
Pomair Professional Styler hand-held hair dryers 03/02/2015
Sprint Compact Pro hair dryers 02/25/2015
AAA Electronics electric hand-held hair dryers 02/25/2015
Pazazz hairdryers 02/02/2015
Pierre Cardin Elegance hand-held hair dryers 01/14/2015
K-Mart, Rolf Brauchli, Nino Originals World Champion, Select Beauty Brands Royal Hair Dryers 12/18/2014
Rocket Blower commercial hair dryers 12/17/2014
Sweet Heat Hair Dryers 04/21/2015

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