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Name Date
Girls’ Crewcuts puffer coats 02/18/2016
Boys’ Jackets 11/10/2015
Girl’s Hoodies 10/29/2015
Croker Kids Ireland kids hoodie 09/04/2015
Girls Hoodie and Jacket 08/12/2015
Precious Cargo infant one-piece garments 08/06/2015
Boys’ varsity jackets 08/06/2015
Children’s Animal-themed Sweaters 07/28/2015
lululemon women’s top 04/18/2016
Children’s zipper hooded sweatshirts 03/11/2015
Kids GAA Fleece Panel Hoodie 12/22/2014
Kids’ Hoodies 01/06/2015
Pink Pony Hoodies 01/06/2015
Open Vest Sweaters by Leith 12/09/2014
Boys Zipper Hooded Sweatshirts 01/09/2015
Boy’s Zipper Hooded Hoodie 01/09/2015
Boy’s hooded jacket with a waist drawstring 01/09/2015
Hooded swimwear jackets 08/27/2014
Fisherman’s and Open Stitch Children’s Sweaters 08/07/2014
Boys’ Ripzone Hooligan Hooded Jackets 01/09/2015
FXR Factory Racing Children’s jackets and hoodies 07/24/2015
Girls’ Sugarfly Peacoats with a waist drawstring 01/09/2015
U.S. Polo Assn. girl’s jackets 01/08/2015
Lion Force Boys’ Puffer Coats 01/08/2015
Girls’ hooded jackets 01/08/2015
Browning Youth Buckmark Junior Hoodie Sweatshirts 01/08/2015
Yoki Girl’s Faux Leather Jacket 01/07/2015
IQ Girls’ Hooded Pink Leopard Jackets 01/07/2015
Girls BCG Hooded Windsuits 01/07/2015
Little Willy’s Hooded Sweatshirts 01/07/2015
Boy’s hooded jackets 01/07/2015
Boy’s long sleeve hooded jackets 04/28/2016
Class Club Children’s Letterman Jackets 04/29/2015
YMI girls’ hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings 04/18/2016
O’Neill Pluto hooded flannel shirts 04/21/2016
M.M.M. Boys’ Jogging Suits 04/21/2016
Me Jane and “B-Hip Kids by Me Jane” girls’ jackets with faux fur trim 04/18/2016
Men’s and Women’s Jackets 04/25/2016
Windbreaker Jackets 07/08/2016
Children’s hooded sweatshirts and jackets 07/05/2016
Hooded jackets and sweatshirts 07/05/2016

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