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Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629

Description: Abbott Similac Alimentum Infant Formula with Iron 12oz. can. 6 jars per case; 19.8oz. can. 4 cans per case; 7oz. can. 6 cans per case Item numbers: 64715 64717 64719 Retail UPCs: 070074647128 070074647166 070074647180

Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629 Information

Recall StatusOngoing
Recall Event ID89629
Recall NumberF-0927-2022
Recall DateFebruary 17, 2022
DistributionUS Nationwide. Worldwide. The firm initiated a voluntary recall following the provisions of 21 CFR 107 Subpart E 107.210(a) but given limitations of FDA's Recall Enterprise System (RES) the recall is entered as an FDA Mandated Recall under 21 CFR 107.200 Subpart E.
Quantity1511774 cases
Recall Mandatory?FDA Mandated
Product TypeFood
Food ClassificationClass I
Recall ReasonConsumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants and evidence of Cronobacter sakazakii in the manufacturing facility where the product had been produced
Recalling FirmAbbott Laboratories
Firm Address100 Abbott Park Rd Bldg Ap8b
Abbott Park, IL, United States 60064-3502
Inital Firm NotificationPress Release
Code InfoBatches: 33691Z200 33692Z200 34758Z200 34759Z200 34759Z210 34776Z200 34777Z200 34778Z210 34930Z200 34931Z211 34932Z200 35015Z200 35016Z260 35033Z260 35034Z260 36035Z260 36036Z260 36067Z260 36068Z260 36155Z261 32420Z260 23380Z260 24464Z261 24528Z260 24529Z260 24533Z260 24534Z260 25661Z260 25661Z270 25662Z260 25663Z260 25664Z260 25725Z260 26726Z260 26727Z260 26728Z260 26732Z260 26733Z260 26805Z260 26806Z260 26807Z260 27925Z260 27941Z260 27942Z260 27943Z260 28042Z260 28042Z270 28043Z260 28044Z260 29260Z260 29261Z260 29262Z260 29268Z260 29269Z260 29270Z260 29271Z260 30286Z260 30287Z260 30375Z260 30376Z210 30377Z200 30378Z200 30379Z260 30380Z260 30381Z260 30382Z260 32404Z260 32405Z260 32417Z260 32418Z220 32419Z260 32424Z210 32424Z260 32425Z200 33426Z200 33427Z200 33428Z200 33696Z200 33697Z200 22332Z260 24496Z260 25559Z260 26813Z260 27929Z260 28045Z260 30288Z201 30383Z211 30383Z261 30386Z200 30387Z210 31403Z200 32418Z200 32418Z210 23381Z260 23381Z270 23382Z260 25551Z260 25552Z260 25553Z260 25554Z260 25555Z260 25556Z260 26814Z260 26815Z260 26816Z260 27868Z260 27869Z260 27870Z260 28117Z260 28118Z260 28119Z260 28120Z260 28121Z260 28122Z260 28136Z260 28137Z260 28138Z260 29187Z270 29188Z270 29189Z260 29190Z261 29259Z261 31413Z260 31414Z260 31415Z260 33698Z260 33699Z260 33700Z260 33700Z270 33701Z260 35017Z260 35018Z260 35019Z260 35020Z260 35021Z260 35022Z260
Report DateMarch 16, 2022
Classification DateMarch 30, 2022
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