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Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629

Description: Abbott Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula with Iron 20.6oz. and 23.2oz. plastic jar. 4 jars per case; 34oz. plastic jar. 6 jars per case; 7oz. can. 6 cans per case. Item numbers: 66081 66655 67922 68088 Retail UPCs: 070074660806 070074666563 070074679167 070074680897

Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629 Information

Recall StatusOngoing
Recall Event ID89629
Recall NumberF-0931-2022
Recall DateFebruary 17, 2022
DistributionUS Nationwide. Worldwide. The firm initiated a voluntary recall following the provisions of 21 CFR 107 Subpart E 107.210(a) but given limitations of FDA's Recall Enterprise System (RES) the recall is entered as an FDA Mandated Recall under 21 CFR 107.200 Subpart E.
Quantity1728823 cases
Recall Mandatory?FDA Mandated
Product TypeFood
Food ClassificationClass I
Recall ReasonConsumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants and evidence of Cronobacter sakazakii in the manufacturing facility where the product had been produced
Recalling FirmAbbott Laboratories
Firm Address100 Abbott Park Rd Bldg Ap8b
Abbott Park, IL, United States 60064-3502
Inital Firm NotificationPress Release
Code InfoBatches: 23407SH00 23409SH00 24460SH00 24480SH00 24523SH00 24524SH00 25598SH00 25600SH00 25694SH00 25695SH00 25736SH00 25780SH00 26762SH00 26764SH00 26831SH00 26833SH00 27886SH10 23375SH00 23376SH00 23430SH00 23431SH00 24456SH00 24457SH00 24458SH00 24459SH00 24490SH00 24526SH00 24615Sh00 24615SH10 25570SH00 25586SH00 25652SH00 25653SH00 26749SH00 26750SH00 26752SH00 26759SH00 26761SH00 26824SH00 26825SH00 26826SH00 26827SH00 26828SH00 26829SH00 26841SH00 26843SH00 27881SH00 27882SH00 27883SH00 27884SH00 29181SH00 29182SH00 29225SH00 29226SH00 29228SH00 29295SH00 29296SH00 29297SH00 30308SH00 31457SH00 31459SH00 31460SH00 31462SH00 31483SH00 31484SH00 31486SH10 31488SH00 31490SH00 31492SH00 31493SH10 31493SH11 31494SH00 31550SH00 31551SH00 31577SH00 31578SH00 32616SH00 32618SH00 32668SH00 32669SH00 32670SH00 33736SH00 34798SH00 34960SH00 34961SH00 35039SH00 35040SH00 35041SH00 35042SH00 35198SH00 35962SH00 35963SH00 35964SH00 35965SH00 35966SH00 35967SH00 35968SH00 35969SH00 35970SH00 35971SH00 35972SH00 35973SH00 36189SH00 36190SH00 36191SH00 36193SH00 36194SH00 36195SH00 36196SH00 36219SH00 36220SH00 36221SH00 36222SH00 36223SH00 36224SH00 23401K800 23402K800 24479K800 25595K800 26842K800 27886K800 27957K800 27958K800 27959K800 27960K800 28012K800 28092K800 28103K800 28106K800 29185K800 30325K800 30326K800 30441K800 30441K810 30442K800 33717K800 33718K800 33779K800 33782K800 27974SH00 27975SH00 27976SH00 27991SH00 28008SH00 28010SH00 28104SH00 28105SH00 28156SH00 28157SH00 29206SH00 29222SH00 30305SH00 30306SH00 30307SH00 30340SH00 30341SH00 30342SH00 30362SH00 30363SH00 30369SH00 31481SH00 31482SH00 31573SH00 31575SH00 31576SH00 32590SH00 32591SH00 34810SH00 34812SH00 34812SH10 35060SH00 35061SH00 35082SH00 35082SH01 35083SH00 35084SH00 35990SH00 35991SH00 36134SH00 36135SH00 37292SH00 37293SH00
Report DateMarch 16, 2022
Classification DateMarch 30, 2022
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