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Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629

Description: Abbott Similac Sensitive 34oz. plastic jar. 6 jars per case. Abbott Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron 12.5oz. can and 20.1oz. plastic jar. 6 units per case. Item numbers: 68082 5753978 6748901 674891L Retail UPCs: 070074680835 070074575414 070074122380

Abbott Laboratories Recall 89629 Information

Recall StatusOngoing
Recall Event ID89629
Recall NumberF-0938-2022
Recall DateFebruary 17, 2022
DistributionUS Nationwide. Worldwide. The firm initiated a voluntary recall following the provisions of 21 CFR 107 Subpart E 107.210(a) but given limitations of FDA's Recall Enterprise System (RES) the recall is entered as an FDA Mandated Recall under 21 CFR 107.200 Subpart E.
Quantity2046814 cases
Recall Mandatory?FDA Mandated
Product TypeFood
Food ClassificationClass I
Recall ReasonConsumer complaints related to Cronobacter sakazakii or Salmonella Newport in infants and evidence of Cronobacter sakazakii in the manufacturing facility where the product had been produced
Recalling FirmAbbott Laboratories
Firm Address100 Abbott Park Rd Bldg Ap8b
Abbott Park, IL, United States 60064-3502
Inital Firm NotificationPress Release
Code InfoBatches: 28015SH00 28013SH00 28016SH00 28018SH00 28019SH00 30302SH00 30447SH00 30449SH00 32610SH00 36214SH00 36215SH00 23390K800 23392K800 23422K800 23423K800 23424K800 23425K800 23428K800 23429K800 24454K800 24455K800 24483K800 24484K800 24485K800 24486K800 24487K800 24488K800 24504K800 24505K800 24506K800 24517K800 25591K800 25592K800 25678K800 25678K801 25679K800 25734K800 25735K800 26741K800 26743K800 26745K800 26788K800 26789K800 27879K800 27892K800 27893K800 27947K800 27948K800 27949K800 27950K800 27952K800 28020K800 28021K800 28022K800 28099K800 28100K800 28101K800 28142K800 28143K800 28144K800 28145K800 28146K800 29191K800 29192K800 29193K800 29194K800 29195K800 29234K800 29235K800 29236K800 29293K800 29294K800 30300K800 30301K800 30322K800 30323K800 30338K800 30339K800 30356K800 30357K800 30358K800 30360K800 30361K800 30444K800 30446K800 30448K800 30450K800 30451K800 30452K800 31471K800 31472K800 31473K800 31474K800 32619K800 32620K800 32627K800 32628K800 32629K800 32630K800 32631K800 32632K800 32633K800 32680K800 32681K800 32682K800 33705K800 33709K800 33710K800 33711K800 33712K800 33713K800 33714K800 33715K800 33724K800 33735K800 33830K800 33831K800 34850K800 34850K801 34851K800 34858K810 34859K810 34862K800 34871K800 34872K800 34873K800 34874K800 34945K800 34946K800 34947K800 34948K800 34949K800 34950K800 35051K800 35052K800 35074K800 35075K800 35197K800 35976K800 35977K800 35978K800 36091K800 36093K800 36094K800 36096K800 36128K800 36129K800 36130K800 36131K800 36132K800 36133K800 37279K800 37279K801 37280K800 37281K800 37282K800 37322K800 37428K800 37429K800 25682SH00 27878SH00 28090SH00 29205SH00 29244SH00 31501SH00 32615SH00 32617SH00 34807SH00 34851SH00 36116SH00 26839SH00
Report DateMarch 16, 2022
Classification DateMarch 30, 2022
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