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American Range Climate control Thermal Safety Control Valves

Description: Invensys Climate Controls Recall of TS11 Thermal Safety Control Valve Recall Alert U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 March 26, 2002 Alert #02-527 CPSC, Invensys Climate Controls, Announce Recall of TS11 Thermal Safety Control Valve PRODUCT: Thermal Safety Control Valve - Invensys Climate Controls - OEM Products Group, of Long Beach Calif., a division of Invensys Control Systems, is recalling 18,200 TS11 Thermal Safety Control Valves, which are installed in commercial ovens, ranges, and warmer trays by OEM manufacturers and service organizations. The affected units were manufactured between June 2001 and August 2001 and have production dates beginning with codes 0124 through and including 0131. The date codes are marked on the backside of the upper housing, below the red button. PROBLEM: The lower body, with 1/4", 3/8", 7/16" inlet/outlet diameter, may have a machining defect that can create a thin wall on the bottom of the casting. The cast area may break through partially or completely in a circular pattern when rapped, causing an external leak. The leaking gas may cause a fire. INCIDENTS/INJURIES: No injuries have been reported. WHAT TO DO: Consumers who have one of these valves should return to the point of purchase or to Invensys. For further information, please call Janet Schantz, the Invensys Climate Controls contact at (800) 232-9389 Ext.2553, Monday through Friday, between 8:00am and 4:00 pm PT. Invensys Customer Model / Appliance Number Customer Part Number Invensys Part Number American Wyott (included in Vulcan Hart) 2065611 512-110-112 American Range AR Series Ranges 10425 or A80100 511-100-201 Cecilware Co. L344A 512-110-102 Comstock Castle 13017 511-110-201 Duke Manufacturing Aerohot and Thurmaduke Gas Foodwarmer products 21-35-08 511-100-222 Dynamic Cooking Systems Professional Restaurant Ranges 13002 511-100-001 Garland Commercial & US Range Garland Starfire H280 series US Range Sunfire S series US Range Performer PX series US Range Cuisine 836 series GO1479-01 511-112-401 GLT Inc. (included in Vulcan Hart) 920442 512-110-520 405969-2 511-121-520 Imperial Manufacturing IR,IHR and ISAE series 2138 511-100-201 Jade Range 460-152-000 511-100-001 Mecserflex Ltd. None 511-110-001 Monague Co. 511-111-508 511-111-516 Royal Range Ind. None 511-100-222 Shenandoah Mfg. Co. 10421100 511-100-401 Vulcan Hart-PMI Heavy Duty Restaurant 427083-2 511-115-001 Heavy Duty Restaurant 405569-2 511-121-520 Heavy Duty Restaurant 920442 512-110-520 Wolf Range Heavy Duty Restaurant 714267 511-100-001 920442 512-110-520 Industrias Baal S.A. de C.V. None 511-100-001 Maplechase/ Uniline Uniline Part Number Invensys Part Number Canada 1731-C110 511-110-001 Canada 1731-C112 512-110-101 US 1710-11A 14111 US 1710-11B 14112 US 1720-00F 1720-006 511-112-201 US 1720-00H 1720-008 511-100-001 US 1720-00D 1720-004 511-121-520 THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION WILL MONITOR THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS RECALL [Learn More]

American Range Climate control Thermal Safety Control Valves Recall Information

Recall Date03/26/2002
Recall ID2250
Recall Number02527
HazardFire & Fire-Related Burn
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