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Gardener’s Supply Beeswax Rope Candles and Holders

Description: Gardener's Supply Company Recall of Rope Candle and Holder Recall Alert U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 February 18, 2005 Alert #05-542 CPSC and Gardener's Supply Company are recalling the Rope Candle and Holder (34-911) The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Name of Product: Beeswax Rope Candle (SKU # 34-911) Units: About 2,000 Manufacturer: Zhongshan Zhongnam Candle Manufacturer Co., Ltd. of China Hazard: The candle has a clamp (vise) that leads the end of the rope candle at the top. When clamped properly it is supposed to self-extinguish the candle when the burning wick meets the metal clamp (vise). The clamp (vise) does not always sever the wax close to the wick and does not always enable the wick to self-extinguish. This can lead to the flame continuing down into the coiled section of the candle, which can then ignite and cause fire damage. Incidents/Injuries: Three incidents were reported where the candle continued to burn past the point where it is supposed to self-extinguish. There was some property damage in two incidents; however, nobody was hurt. Description: The Rope Candle is a 21-foot coiled beeswax candle that feeds up to a scissors-like vise. The candle is lit above the vise. The candle is 7-inches tall and sits on an antiqued copper-finish holder. Sold at: Gardener's Supply retail store in Burlington, Vt., and in the Holiday 2004 Gardener's Supply Catalog sold the candles from October 20 through November 12, 2004. Manufactured In: China. Remedy: The firm has designed a scissor like attachment that fits on top of the clamp (vise). This cuts the wax from the sides and extinguishes the flame, preventing the candle from burning below the attachment and igniting the entire candle. The firm will either replace the candle with the new fitting, give store credit for the original cost of the rope candle or give a full refund. Consumer Contact: For more information, contact the customer service team at Gardener's Supply Co., (800) 876-5520, and at their Web site [Source]

Gardener’s Supply Beeswax Rope Candles and Holders Recall Information

Country of OriginChina
Recall Date02/18/2005
Recall ID3069
Recall Number05542
Product TypeCandles & Candle Holders
HazardFire & Fire-Related Burn
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