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Description: Little Wonder TV Antenna by A.K. Electric Warning NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 1973 Release # 73-015 CPSC Warns Of Electric Shock Dangers From "Little Wonder TV Antenna" WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 21)--Citing the potential for severe electric shock hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission today warned consumers to immediately unplug and then disconnect the "Little Wonder TV Antenna." The product --manufactured by the A.K. Electric Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Jack Arthur Meltzer President-- connects television antenna leads directly to home electrical outlets. CPSC Chairman Richard 0. Simpson said the product "contains no safety device" to prevent electrical shock and possible electrocution. He said the Commission is taking all necessary steps to remove the product from the marketplace. Simpson said the item has been distributed nationwide by Windsor House, Island Park, New York, and Sunset House, Los Angeles, California, two mail-order firms. In addition to the CPSC action, Simpson said he is referring the matter to the Federal Trade Commission for their follow-up on the basis of what he termed "misleading and possibly fraudulent advertising" associated with distribution of the product. While there are several similar products on the market, the CPSC action was limited to the "Little Wonder TV Antenna," pending further study of the others. Simpson said the "Little Wonder" appears to contain but does not contain any safety devices, found in the other similar products, which would greatly reduce the potential for electric shock. The "Little Wonder" has an identifying label only on the package but not on the product itself. The other similar products generally bear the manufacturer's name or brand name on the devices. In making the announcement, Simpson criticized Windsor House and Sunset House for "failing to verify the safety" of a product they were advertising for sale to millions of consumers. And he said they have a responsibility in that regard. Simpson said he was "totally dismayed" by the clear lack of engineering design demonstrated by the "Little Wonder TV Antenna." The product, he said, is imminently hazardous. [Source]

Recall Information

Recall Date08/21/1973
Recall ID3725
Recall Number73015
Product TypeTelevisions, Mounts, Guards & Antennas
HazardElectrocution/Electric Shock
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