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Pronto Caffe EM-l Espresso/Cappuccino SBevearge Makers

Description: Pronto Caffe Espresso/Cappuccino Machines Recalled by Continental Gourmet NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 29, 1982 Release # 82-042 Continental Gourmet Corp. And CPSC Reach Agreement To Replace Parts On Some Pronto Caffe EM-L Espresso Cappuccino Appliances WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Continental Gourmet Corp. of Edison, New Jersey, has agreed to replace parts on its Pronto Caffe EM-l Espresso/Cappuccino SBevearge Makers which were manufactured through May 1980. Approximately 22,000 units may be involved. According to CPSC, the coffee basket in particular units b of this appliance may be difficult to secure. The unit has a water reservoir below which the coffee basket is attached. The brewed coffee drips into a glass carafe positioned directly beneath the basket. If the coffee basket is not properly secured to the unit, the normal buildup of steam pressure could potentially cause the basket to dislodge and strike the glass carafe, resulting in flying glass and hot liquid. Eleven incidents of apparent basket detachment have been reported to the CPSC, four of which noted the occurrence of minor injuries consisting of cuts and burns. Additional incidents have been reported directly to the Company, two of which allegedly resulted in minor injuries. These beverage makers can be identified by the following date codes located on the bottom of each unit, the first number in each column indicating the month and second number indicating the year: 11 9 or 11 79 12 9 or 12 79 1 8 or 1 80 2 8 or 2 80 3 8 or 3 80 4 8 or 4 80 5 8 or 5 80 Continental Gourmet Corp. is offering consumers a replacement of the original coffee basket with a "universal" basket that has been modified for easier and more secure attachment to the unit and an unbreakable plastic carafe for the original glass carafe. Consumers who own an EM-l model with date codes specified above should refrain from using their appliance and, should contact the Continental Gourmet Corp. on its toll-free numbers as follows to obtain replacement parts: ALL UNITED STATES, EXCEPT THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY: (800) 631-5473 ALL OF NEW JERSEY, EXCEPT (201) AREA CODE: (800) 272-1293 NEW JERSEY (201) AREA CODE: (201) 287-5360 or write to: Continental Gourmet Corp. 11 Executive Avenue Edison, New Jersey 08817 [Learn More]

Pronto Caffe EM-l Espresso/Cappuccino SBevearge Makers Recall Information

Recall Date09/29/1982
Recall ID4231
Recall Number82042
Product TypeEspresso/Cappuccino Makers
HazardBurn - Not Fire-Related
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