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M.R. Lane A-4 Tennis Net Tensioning Devices

Description: Tennis Net Tighteners Warning NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 9, 1983 Release # 83-010 CPSC Warns Of Tennis Net Tightener Danger WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission today issued an alert to warn consumers of the risk of injury especially to small children associated with the M.R. Lane Jiffy A-4 Tennis Net Tightener. The Commission is aware of 18 injuries and one fatality which occurred when an 11-year-old girl was struck on the neck while adjusting the lever. The other incidents include facial and mouth injuries. The product is a tennis net tightening device made of iron. The device moves up and down the net post on a track bolted to the post. The lever increases or decreases the tension in the net and can spring forward with some force when released. A person can be seriously injured if struck by the lever. The brand name "Jiffy A-4" appears on the hook part of the device. The company manufactured approximately 50,000 units from 1929 until 1978. In 1978, the company issued cautionary labels and a safety pin was added to prevent small children from inadvertently pulling upon the handle. No reports of incidents or injuries have been received involving these redesigned units. The company has been out of business since November 1982. The product was distributed through sporting goods distributors and tennis court construction firms. The tennis net tensioning device has been installed in both private and public tennis courts. The Commission urges parents to caution children not to play with the tennis net tensioning device, but rather to request the maintenance personnel to adjust the net height, if necessary. The Commission urges operators of tennis courts in public parks and private clubs to check to determine if M.R. Lane A-4 Tennis Net Tensioning Devices are used on their courts and if they are, check to determine whether or not a safety pin has been added. If not, the handle should be tied down permanently so that a child can not move the handle. Also, place a notice near the tension device warning children to request maintenance personnel to adjust the device. JIFFY-A4 APPEARS ON THE HOOK PART OF THE DEVICE. ARROW SHOWS LOCATION OF SAFETY PIN. THIS SAFETY PIN IS PLACED THROUGH HOOK ASSEMBLY SO THAT A CHILD CAN NOT MOVE THE HANDLE. HANDLE SHOULD BE PERMANENTLY TIED DOWN IF SAFETY PIN HAS NOT BEEN ADDED THE TENNIS NET TIGHTENING DEVICE MOVES UP AND DOWN THE NET POST [Learn More]

M.R. Lane A-4 Tennis Net Tensioning Devices Recall Information

Recall Date03/09/1983
Recall ID4323
Recall Number83010
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