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Bilt-Rite Fold ‘N GO stroller shoulder harness restraining device

Description: Shoulder Harness on Century Strollers Recalled by Bilt-Rite NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 Note: Replacement kits no longer available. Do not use these products. Please discard or destroy these products. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Originally issued May 13, 1986; Revised August 27, 2001 Release # 86-28 Consumers Were Urged to Repair Stroller Shoulder Harness Washington, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the New York State Attorney General, Century Products, Inc. and Bilt-Rite Juvenile Products, Inc. had a free replacement program for the shoulder harness restraining device used on approximately 200,000 strollers. Century has received numerous letters concerning the use of a shoulder harness restraining device on its strollers. Some of these consumers indicated that children's necks may be dangerously entangled on the shoulder harness. This entanglement may occur when the activities of the child cannot be seen by the person pushing the stroller and could result in serious injury. The affected strollers are the Century "Way-to-Go" stroller, model numbers 11-140, 11-141, and 11-143; Century "Way-to-Go" II, model numbers 11-151, 11-152, and 11-155; Bilt-Rite "Fold 'N GO" stroller, model number 11-130; and Bilt Rite "Way-to-Go" II . Strollers, model numbers 11-150, 11-152, and 1000. Those strollers containing only a waist and crotch strap are not affected by this repair program. Replacement straps are no longer available. Consumers should discard or destroy the product. More information can be obtained by calling the company's customer service number at 800-345-4109. [Learn More]

Bilt-Rite Fold ‘N GO stroller shoulder harness restraining device Recall Information

Recall Date05/13/1986
Recall ID4638
Recall Number86028
Product TypeStrollers & Accessories
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