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Centipede Pull Along toy

Description: Rattles & Pull Toys Recalled by Pay 'N Save NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 20, 1987 Release # 87-030 Pay 'N Save Recalls Hazardous Toys WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Pay 'n Save Stores, Inc., of Seattle, Washington has announced the recall of two baby rattles and four toddler toys because they violate CPSC safety requirements and present choking hazards. No injuries have been reported, and Pay 'n Save has already removed the toys from its stores. The toys are: two models of Play Mates baby rattles, both designated as Item No. 203719; the Centipede Pull Along toy, Item No. TA-1670; the See-Thru Wheel Cart, Item 332; the Happy Duck Pull Toy, L Model TM-861; and the Hammer Car, Item 160393. Pay 'n Save stores are located in the states of Washington, Idaho, California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Consumers in Montana and Wyoming who wish a refund should contact Pay 'n Save at the number listed in the last paragraph of this release. One of the rattles consists of five egg-shaped plastic balls and a white plastic handle on a string. Each ball is two colors, and the colors are various combinations of white, red, yellow, green and blue. The balls on the string are small enough to enter a child's mouth and block the throat causing choking. The handle has "MADE IN TAIWAN" embossed on it. The other rattle has a white plastic U-shaped handles with three yellow, orange and blue beads on a rod held between the two ends of the U. The beads, which are approximately 1 l/8 inches in diameter and l/2 inch thick, are a choking hazard. A gold stick on label on the handle says "MADE IN TAIWAN". The Centipede Pull Along toy is approximately 14 l/2 inches long and has a yellow head and five orange and green spherical shaped body segments. Each segment has two yellow legs and two green wheels. The orange spherical tail can be pulled off. Both the wheels and the tail are small parts and present a choking hazard. The box for this toy is labeled, "centipede PULL ALONG safe-n-fun ITEM NO. TA-1670". The See-Thru Wheel Cart is a pull toy consisting of a ferris wheel on a wagon. The ferris wheel is made of translucent green plastic and has five translucent plastic balls continuing beads attached to it. The wagon is red with four blue wheels. The toy is 6 l/2 inches long and 6 l/4 inches high. Pieces of the ferris wheel, which are small parts, may also break off. The box is labeled "See-thru Wheel cart No.1 332 Made in Hong Kong", The Happy Duck plastic pull toy consists of a mother duck and baby ducks attached to one another. The toy is 14 inches long. Two ducks are yellow, and two are orange. Each duck has two orange wheels and two bright pink wings which turn when the toy is pulled. The wings may break off if the toy is dropped, and the wheels can be pulled off easily. Both the wings and wheels are small parts which present a choking hazard. The box is labeled "Happy Duck 1 l/2-4 Years O Pull-A-Long O Fun and Safety TM-861 MADE IN TAIWAN".. The Hammer Car is a yellow plastic wagon approximately 10 l/2 inches long with red wheels. A string approximately 28 inches long is tied at one end to the wagon and at the other end to a red plastic hammer. The hammer can be used to pound eight plastic blocks of various colors and shapes through eight holes of the same shapes in the wagon. Four of the blocks are small parts and can present a choking hazard. The box is labeled, "HAMMER CAR 1 l/2-4 years ITEM NO: 160393 MADE IN TAIWAN". Approximately 12,250 of these toys were sold between April 30, 1986 and February 19, 1987 for $1.98. For more information Consumers may call Pay 'n Save Stores at 206-938-6470. [Learn More]

Centipede Pull Along toy Recall Information

Country of OriginTaiwan
Recall Date05/20/1987
Recall ID4698
Recall Number87030
Product TypeToy Vehicles
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