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Larami Pop Up Answer Phone toys

Description: November 17, 1988 Release # 88-099 Pop Up Phone Recalled; Antenna Is Choking Hazard WASHINGTON, DC - "Pop Up Answer Phone" model #1808-0, a Larami pre-school toy, is being recalled by the manufacturer because an antenna piece may separate from the toy telephone receiver and cause a potential choking hazard for young children. Larami Corporation, of Philadelphia, PA is recalling 20,000 of the toy telephones sold nationwide in 1987 for about $10. The plastic "Pop Up Answer Phone" consists of a six-by-eight-inch red and white base and a blue receiver. Adhesive labels on both the base and receiver identify the toy as "Pop Up Answer Phone." The model number 1808-0 appears on the package but not on the toy itself.An inch-and-a-half long plastic antenna projects from the top of the telephone receivers. Twelve red push buttons are located on the base of the toy; when the buttons are pushed, small cards pop up through slots on the base. A roller directory is found at the top of the base. The same toy phone manufactured by Larami but identified with an adhesive red dot on the telephone receiver and on the front of the package is not affected by this recall.Parents having model #1808-0 "Pop Up Answer Phone" not marked with a red dot should immediately take the toy away from young children and return it to the store where purchased for a refund of the full purchase price, or mail the toy to Larami Corporation, 340 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107. OSPIRG, the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group brought this toy to the attention of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) [Learn More]

Larami Pop Up Answer Phone toys Recall Information

Recall Date11/17/1988
Recall ID4791
Recall Number88099
Product TypeToy Telephones
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