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J.C. Penney food processor plastic bowl covers

Description: Food Processor Bowl Covers Recalled by Moulinex NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Note: Phone number deleted. Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Originally issued July 18, 1989; Revised February 7, 2002 Release # 89-069 Second Recall Announced For Food Processor Bowl Covers Washington, DC. -- Consumers with certain Moulinex and Moulinex La Machine food processors are being asked by Regal Appliance Inc., of Virginia Beach, Virginia to replace their plastic bowl covers to reduce chances of a possible laceration hazard when the processor is being used. An initial product recall in August, 1986 resulted in the replacement of almost 30,000 bowl covers, the company said. Five additional laceration incidents have been reported to Regal in the past two years. Regal said there is a possibility that some of the bowl covers on 1.4 million machines manufactured during the period of 1980 through June, 1984 may override the safety interlock system. Should this occur, the food processor may operate without the bowl cover in place. This could cause severe lacerations to the hands and fingers, even partial amputation, if the consumer were to push the "on" button while their hand was in the bowl and in contact with the processor's cutting blades. Regal said the problem may exist on four food processors. Model LM2 (La Machine II), LM3 (La Machine III), LM5 (La Machine V), and J.C. Penney model 8330. These models have been sold nationwide by a variety of retailers and by J.C. Penney stores since March 1980 at prices ranging from $50 to $100. With La Machine models, consumers will find the model number stamped on the base of the appliance as well as a date code from 010380 to 080684. The six digit date code is in the day, month and year sequence. La Machine food processors date stamped after June 8, 1984 (080684) are not subject to the cover recall. With J.C. Penney food processors, model number 8330 is stamped on the base of the appliance. The date code extends from C003 to C406, with the first digit after the "C" reflecting the year, and the last two digits the month of production. J.C. Penney food processors date stamped after June, 1984 (C406) are not subject to the cover recall. Consumers having any of the above food processors should discontinue using their appliance until a replacement bowl cover is received. The original bowl cover should be discarded immediately. To receive a replacement cover, consumers should write Bowl Cover Replacement Program, Regal Ware, Inc., 1675 Reigle Drive, Kewaskum, Wisconsin 53040-0395. The consumer letter should include the model and the date code numbers of the appliance. It is not necessary to return the cover or the appliance. A replacement bowl cover will be sent free of charge, as well as a warning instruction sheet to accompany the existing owner's manual. [Learn More]

J.C. Penney food processor plastic bowl covers Recall Information

Recall Date07/18/1989
Recall ID4856
Recall Number89069
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