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Spin-A- Sound infant toys

Description: November 2, 1989 Release # 90-007 Johnson and Johnson Recalls Spin-A-Sound Toy WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Johnson and Johnson Baby Products Company, Skillman, NJ, is voluntarily recalling its "Spin-A- Sound" infant toy. Although no injuries have been reported, the firm has learned that over time the red end caps on the "Spin-A-Sound" may become loose, causing the toy to come apart. This could expose children to the end caps, an ingestible small part, and the metal axle with a sharp point. The separated pieces can present a choking and/or laceration hazard.Johnson and Johnson reports approximately 1.3 million "Spin-A-Sound" toys have been distributed nationwide since 1981. The toy was sold in retail stores and through a mail program. "Spin- A-Sound" is a rattle-like toy and was part of the firm's child development toy series. It has two large yellow wheels on each end with red plastic end caps embossed with "Johnson and Johnson." The metal axle joining the two wheels is not visible unless the toy comes apart. Three red, blue, and green plastic paddles rotate around the axle between the wheels. The toy produces a variety of clicking and rattle sounds as a child plays with it.Johnson and Johnson is asking consumers who have a "Spin-A-Sound" toy to return it for a $10.00 refund to cover the purchase price and return postage. Enclose your name, address, approximate date of purchase and mail the toy to: Spin-A-Sound Recall, P.O. Box 11460, Des Moines, IA 50381-1460 [Learn More]

Spin-A- Sound infant toys Recall Information

Recall Date11/02/1989
Recall ID4880
Recall Number90007
Product TypeToy Miscellaneous
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