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Seward Luggage Decorator Cubes

Description: July 30, 1992 Release # 92-122 Three Children Killed By Decorator Cubes PRODUCT: Approximately 2.2 million decorator cubes with hinged lids. PROBLEM: In separate incidents, three children allegedly strangled when the cube's lid fell on their necks. The cubes also pose a suffocation hazard if a young child becomes trapped inside the cube with the lid closed because the cube does not have ventilation holes. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued two previous warnings regarding the decorator cubes and is again alerting the public because approximately 4,500 hinged lid cubes were distributed, inadvertently, by Seward Luggage Company during the recall program. Also, CPSC and Seward Luggage Company are attempting to increase consumer awareness about the potential hazards. These cubes may still be in hands of consumers or in the marketplace at liquidation centers and flea markets. WHAT TO DO: Consumers who have these cubes should call 1-800-766-9417 to obtain a free modification kit. Consumers who see the hinged lid cubes being sold should report the location to the Commission at 1-800-638-2772. BACKGROUND: The decorator cubes with hinged lids were the subject of a corrective action first announced by CPSC on March 27, 1991. The manufacturers of the cubes (Seward Luggage Company, Petersburg, VA; Trojan Luggage, Memphis, TN; and Mercury Luggage Manufacturing Company, Jacksonville, FL) are still attempting to notify consumers of the continued risk so the cubes can be modified. Decorator cubes manufactured after June 1990 have removable lids (no hinges) and are not subject to this warning [Learn More]

Seward Luggage Decorator Cubes Recall Information

Recall Date07/30/1992
Recall ID5295
Recall Number92122
Product TypeToy Chests/Trunks
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