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Baby Express Home and Roam portable mesh-sided playpens

Description: October 8, 1993 Release # 93-111 PRODUCT: Baby Trend and Baby Express "Home and Roam" portable mesh-sided playpens in two sizes, 40" x 40" and 28" x 40". PROBLEM: The playpen may appear to be set up properly, if the top rails are not securely locked. If the playpen is not set up so that each top rail is securely locked in position, the top rails may collapse with an infant in the playpen. If the infant is holding onto a top rail when it collapses, he or she may be caught by the neck and strangle. WHAT TO DO: Make sure each of the four top rails is fully locked before using the product and call Baby Trend immediately at 1-800-234-1879. Baby Trend will provide corrective action AND a free gift valued at $5.00 for each playpen owned. WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Baby Trend, Inc., Pomona, CA is issuing an urgent warning to owners of Baby Trend and Baby Express "Home and Roam" playpens. There have been four reports that these products have collapsed with infants inside the playpens. One incident resulted in the death of a one-year-old child. In two of the incidents the child was found not breathing but was revived. Baby Trend sold approximately 65,000 Home and Roam playpens nationwide during 1992 and 1993. Some additional Home and Roam playpens were sold under the Baby Express label. The playpens come in two sizes and a variety of colors and fabrics. The larger one is 40" x 40" and the smaller one is 40" x 28". The words "Home and Roam" and "Baby Trend;" or "Home and Roam" and "Baby Express" and appear on two of the four top rails. Retail prices range from $68 to $130. All of the playpens are set up by rotating a pivoting hinge in the center of each top rail. To lock the rails in place, the pivoting hinge must be rotated a full 180 degrees from the collapsed position. Because the hinges are under the protective fabric covering the top rails, consumers may rely on their sense of touch to determine if each hinge has been rotated completely. It is possible to rotate the hinge less than 180 degrees but have the top rail look and feel locked. If the pivoting hinge has been turned less than 180 degrees, IT IS NOT LOCKED and the top rail can collapse. If a baby is holding onto the top rail when it collapses, he or she can be caught by the neck and strangle. Consumers should check to make sure the top rail hinges are fully engaged before each use. Consumers who own Baby Trend "Home and Roam" playpens should call toll free at 1-800-328-7363 so the company can provide them with a remedy and a free gift valued at $5.00. When calling, please provide model and lot numbers located on the playpen's foot. EDITOR'S NOTE: Product samples for media use are available upon request [Learn More]

Baby Express Home and Roam portable mesh-sided playpens Recall Information

Recall Date10/08/1993
Recall ID5467
Recall Number93111
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