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Future Shok mountain bike suspension forks

Description: August 4, 1994 Release # 94-112 Washington, D.C. - CPSC, Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. of Morgan Hill, Calif., is voluntarily recalling about 12,500 "Future Shock" suspension forks (which connect the front wheel to the main frame of a mountain bike). The suspension forks were accessories and original equipment on the 1992 "Stumpjumper FS" model mountain bikes, and were sold with 1992 "S-Works M2" framesets. The forks were sold nationwide from September 1991 to November 1993.Specialized has received at least 15 reports of accidents resulting in personal injuries, including three reported serious injuries, when the stanchion tubes (upper fork legs) separated from the fork crown while in use. The separation occurred due to insufficient tightening of the fork crown bolts and/or oil residue in the fork crown/stanchion tube joint. The 1992 Future Shock suspension forks, made only for mountain bikes, were sold nationwide for about $315 each by authorized Specialized bicycle retailers, Specialized accessory dealers, and Bike Nashbar. Consumers can distinguish the 1992 suspension forks from later models because in later, non-recalled models, the stanchion tubes pass through the fork crown; in 1992 models they do not.Consumers should immediately stop using bikes equipped with 1992 Future Shock suspension forks and bring the bikes to any authorized Specialized bicycle retailer for a free inspection and repair. Retailers will install safety caps, degrease the fork crown and stanchion tube joints, and correctly retighten the fork crown bolts. Additionally, consumers will receive an updated Owners' Manual. For more information, call Reed Pike at Specialized Bicycle Components on (408) 779-6229 ext. 2567 or (800) 214-1468 [Source]

Future Shok mountain bike suspension forks Recall Information

Recall Date08/04/1994
Recall ID5567
Recall Number94112
Product TypeBicycles & Accessories
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