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Brinkman charcoal water smokers

Description: September 1, 1994 Release # 94-121 Washington, DC -- Over a million Brinkmann and COOK'N CA'JUN charcoal water smokers distributed before 1993 have a hole in the charcoal pan that can, if used over a flammable surface like a wooden deck, cause a fire. Use over flammable surfaces is contrary to current warnings and instructions included with the smokers. In addition, some of the metal brackets holding the water pan and/or grills on these models have sharp edges that can cause cuts.Today, Brinkmann, in cooperation with CPSC, announced a program to give the owners of these charcoal water smokers a kit to close the hole and reduce the fire risk. The kit also contains redesigned brackets to replace the original ones. Although Brinkmann is fully confident in the safety and quality of its charcoal water smokers, Brinkmann is voluntarily participating in this program to help prevent injuries.According to Brinkmann, charcoal water smokers typically have a charcoal pan with a hole in it, a water pan in the middle of the unit, and grills for food on the water pan and at the top. CPSC is investigating other brands of charcoal water smokers that may present a similar risk of fire. CPSC views all charcoal water smokers that use exposed charcoal pans with holes that may allow coals to fall out of the smoker as a potential fire risk, and is seeking corrective action from other companies. CPSC will announce these actions at the earliest possible time.Since 1974, Brinkmann has recorded approximately 10 claims of fires allegedly involving holes in the charcoal pan of Brinkmann smokers and 6 claims of cuts allegedly involving the brackets of these charcoal water smokers.To identify your charcoal water smoker, look for the names "Brinkmann" or "COOK'N CA'JUN" on the top or body of the smoker. If either of these names appear, check the charcoal pan at the bottom. If the pan has a hole, it is involved in this program. Only Brinkmann and COOK'N CA'JUN water smokers manufactured before 1993 are included in this program. These water smokers were sold by major retailers nationwide. Charcoal water smokers manufactured after 1993, as well as Brinkmann Gourmet and COOK'N CA'JUN S-80, and Brinkmann and COOK'N CA'JUN electric or gas water smokers are NOT included in this program. These other models either don't have exposed charcoal pans or have no charcoal pan at all. Call Brinkmann at (800) 675-5301 for a free modification kit to close the hole in the pan and to replace the sharp brackets.Even after the hole is closed, to help reduce the risk of fire, do not operate the charcoal water smoker on or near flammable surfaces [Source]

Brinkman charcoal water smokers Recall Information

Recall Date09/01/1994
Recall ID5572
Recall Number94121
Product TypeGrills, Smokers & Accessories
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