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Gaslow liquid propane (LP) Gas Monitor Gauges

Description: October 4, 1995 Release # 95-176 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, the Reca Division of the Cavagna Group of Italy is announcing the recall of 31,000 Gaslow brand LP Gas Monitor Gauges. Some of these gauges may leak highly flammable propane gas that could ignite or explode.CPSC is aware of 5 incidents of gas leaks catching fire. Two of these fires resulted in burn injuries.The gauges, model number GS-1 and item number 13742, are intended for use on portable liquid propane tanks used for gas grills, recreational vehicles, and boats. The valve acts as both a refill indicator and a leak detector when properly attached to liquid petroleum gas tanks. The L-shaped gauges have a 3.3-inch copper-colored base that can be screwed into gas tanks, and a black dial with a black, green and yellow face. The gauges were sold nationwide through home supply and home improvement stores during July and August 1994 for between $20 and $25. They were packaged in clear plastic with a black label that reads in part, "GASLOW LP GAS MONITOR GAUGE ... with Refill Indicator Built-in Leak Detector ... Model No. GS - 1 Item No. 13742."Warning: Liquid petroleum is highly flammable. Consumers should be certain that the gas valve on their propane tank is turned off before disconnecting the regulator. Consumers who have concerns about disconnecting their regulators should contact Reca.Consumers who own gauges with date codes "03/94" or "04/94" stamped on the square end of the gauge should call Reca at 866-422-8246 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT for a free replacement gauge [Learn More]

Gaslow liquid propane (LP) Gas Monitor Gauges Recall Information

Recall Date10/04/1995
Recall ID5706
Recall Number95176
Product TypeGas/Propane Cans/Cylinders/Tanks/Fuel
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