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Astro-Lounger recliner chairs

Description: December 26, 1995 Release # 96-056 WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Astro-Lounger Furniture Manufacturing Company Inc., of Houkla, Miss., is recalling approximately 1,000 recliner chairs. The space between the chair's seat and foot rest, measuring 6.75 inches, does not meet voluntary industry standards. The space is large enough to entrap a child's head and strangle the child.The American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) guidelines for recliners, established in 1988, specify that openings between the upholstered seat and leg rest should not be greater than five inches. Recliner chairs that do not conform with industry guidelines present a head entrapment hazard and should not be used around small children. If a child's head or neck gets caught in the large opening between the chair seat and leg rest and the child leans forward, his weight could force the leg rest down. The leg rest could close on the child's neck, strangling him. CPSC is aware of one incident in which a 13-month-old child died in a recliner.The chairs, which are upholstered in beige, blue, brown or mauve fabric, have a label that reads "Astro-Lounger" on the foot rest. The chairs were sold through furniture stores nationwide from 1990 to January 1994 for approximately $99 each.Consumers who own Astro-Lounger recliner chairs should measure the space between the seat and foot rest. If the opening is greater than five inches, consumers should stop using the chair immediately and call Astro-Lounger at (800) 700-6945. The company will send consumers a free crossbar to attach between the seat and foot rest, which is designed to reduce the space and prevent a child's head from getting caught [Source]

Astro-Lounger recliner chairs Recall Information

Recall Date12/26/1995
Recall ID5752
Recall Number96056
Product TypeChairs, Stools & Benches
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