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Scott Unishock Ultimate, Team/Comp Racing, Unitrack suspension forks

Description: Unishock Suspension Forks Recalled by Scott Usa NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207 Note: Phone number change. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Media Relations Originally issued March 13, 1996; Revised July 9, 2001 (301) 504-7908 Release # 96-080 CPSC, Scott Usa Announce Recall Of "Unishock" Suspension Forks WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, Scott USA Inc. of Boulder Colo., is voluntarily recalling approximately 13,600 "Unishock" suspension forks. The forks may crack or separate, causing a rider to lose control of the bicycle and fall. Scott USA has received 640 reports of incidents of these model forks cracking or separating, eight of which resulted in injuries. The injuries reported have included two concussions, two separated shoulders, one laceration, and three abrasion injuries, or "road rashes." The forks have the "SCOTT" logo on the side of each fork leg. A sticker on the front of each leg reads, "UNISHOCK" with the designation "S", "LF", "VR", "TX" or "R." Bicycle stores sold the forks nationwide as original equipment on the following 1993 and 1994 models of Scott USA bicycles: Ultimate CST, Team Racing, Comp Racing, and Unitrack ST. The following 1994 models are also included in this recall: Ultimate CST, Team Racing, Comp Racing, Unitrack ST, Unitrack CC, and Unitrack FSR. Approximately 350 Scott bicycle dealers sold about 5,600 bicycles with the forks nationwide from August 1992 to June 1995 for between $669 and $2,495, depending on the model. During the same period, 1,450 bicycle stores also sold approximately 8,000 forks nationwide as after-market equipment for about $200 to $400, depending on the model. Only forks with the designations listed above are involved in this recall. Forks with white legs bearing the name "UNISHOCKS" are not part of this recall. Consumers who own recalled suspension forks should stop using them immediately. They should bring bicycles with recalled forks, even if the forks were purchased as aftermarket equipment, to any authorized Scott bicycle dealer. Each defective fork will be replaced free with a new, comparable suspension fork. For more information, consumers should call (800) 292-5874. [Source]

Scott Unishock Ultimate, Team/Comp Racing, Unitrack suspension forks Recall Information

Recall Date03/13/1996
Recall ID5768
Recall Number96080
Product TypeBicycles & Accessories
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