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Step Stools with Storage

Description: The wooden step stool has two steps and comes in various colors, including natural, natural and red, white, pink, blue and honey. The Circo step stool has a lid on the bottom step that lifts to provide storage. The Do Your Room (DYR) step stool has a lid on the top step that lifts to provide storage. The step stools measure approximately 13" H x 13 5/8" W x 14 1/8" D. The Circo brand name or DYR brand name and UPC numbers are printed on a label found underneath the step stool. The following step stools are included in this recall: Step Stools With Storage Brand NameStyle DescriptionUPC NumberSelling Period Circo White step stool w/storage 490970403046 or180970208597 June 2009-Feb 2010Feb. 2010-Oct 2010 Circo Natural step stool w/storage 490970403053 or180970208610 June 2009-Feb 2010Feb. 2010-Oct 2010 Circo Natural & red step stool w/storage 490970403060 or180970208665 June 2009-Feb 2010Feb. 2010-Oct 2010 Do Your Room (DYR) Natural step stool w/storage 097168014338 Jan. 2007-Aug. 2009 Do Your Room (DYR) Honey step stool w/storage 390970402622 Jan. 2007-Aug. 2009 Do Your Room (DYR) White 859090000076 or490970401394 Jan. 2007-Aug. 2009 Do Your Room (DYR) Pink 801116004445 Jan. 2007-Aug. 2009 Do Your Room (DYR) Blue 801116004438 Jan. 2007-Aug. 2009 [Learn More]

About 341,000 (206,000 were recalled on August 4, 2011) units were affected by this recall.

Step Stools with Storage
Target Expands Recall of Step Stools with Storage Due to Fall Hazard


Step Stools with Storage Recall Information

Country of OriginChina, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand
Recall Date08/23/2011
Recall ID750
Recall Number11311
Product TypeStep Stools
HazardThe wooden step stools can break apart or collapse under the weight of the user, posing a fall hazard.
InjuriesTarget has received 27 reports of the stools breaking or collapsing. Fourteen incidents involved children, eight involved adults, and five incidents where the user's age was unknown. Two adults fractured their wrists, and of those victims, one also fractured her hip and pelvis. Additionally, six children and one adult suffered scrapes and bruising.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the step stools and return them to any Target store to receive a full refund.
Remedy OptionRefund
ContactFor additional information, contact Target at (800) 440-0680 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at
Last Updated05/20/2016
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