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Description: This recall involves three cart base models: WT42 "Tuffy" plastic cart; W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 metal cart; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart. The WT42 "Tuffy" is a 3-shelf plastic cart sold under the brand name H. Wilson "Tuffy" in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the "WT42" prefix in the item number. The carts have a plastic handle with a logo that reads "the Tuffy" in the center. The W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 cart is 3-shelf adjustable height metal cart. It is also sold under the model number AVJ42 with either a Luxor or H. Wilson logo on the front center of the top shelf, and under the model number SS-AVJ42 with a LineLeader logo on the front center of the top shelf. It is sold in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the "W42" or "AVJ42" prefixes in the item number. The LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ cart is a 3-shelf adjustable height plastic cart with a push handle on the top shelf. The Luxor logo is stamped on the center of the handle and is a black/dark gray color. Please see below for a chart containing a list of recalled cart models. AV42 LP42LPE-B WT42BUE-B/WTD WT42ORE-N/WTD WTPS42BYME-N AV42B LPDUO-B WT42BUE-N WT42OW WTPS42E-B AVJ42 LPDUOBW-B WT42BUE-N/WTD WT42OW-B WTPS42E-N AVJ42-BY LPDUOE-B WT42BUE/WTD WT42OWBE WTPS42E-P AVJ42-CH LPDUOEBW-B WT42BUNH-B WT42OWE WTPS42G-N AVJ42-GN LPDUOENL-B WT42BY WT42OWE-B WTPS42GE AVJ42-OW LPLDUO-B WT42BY-B WT42P WTPS42GE-B AVJ42-P LPLDUOE-B WT42BY-N WT42P-B WTPS42GE-N AVJ42-RB SS-AVJ42 WT42BYBE WT42P-N WTPS42GYE AVJ42-RD SS-AVJ42-LKB WT42BYE WT42PB WTPS42GYE-B AVJ42-T SS-AVJ42-LKBDL WT42BYE-B WT42PE WTPS42GYE-N AVJ42-U SS-AVJ42KB WT42BYE-B/WTD WT42PE-B WTPS42GYME-B AVJ42-YW SS-AVJ42KB+EPS WT42BYE-N WT42PE-B/WTD WTPS42GYME-N AVJ42-Z SS-AVJ42KB+LAP WT42BYE-N/WTD WT42PE-N WTPS42HG-N AVJ42/C5I SS-AVJ42KB+MM1G WT42BYE/WTD WT42PE-N/WTD WTPS42HGE AVJ42B SS-AVJ42KB+MM2C WT42BYME-N/WTD WT42PE/WTD WTPS42HGE-N AVJ42B-GN SS-AVJ42KB2 WT42BYME/WTD WT42R WTPS42ME-B AVJ42B-RB SS-AVJ42KBDL WT42E WT42R-B WTPS42ME-N AVJ42B-RD SUDMC-42-BK WT42E-B/WTD WT42R-B/WTD WTPS42ORE-B AVJ42B-YW SUDMC-42-RB WT42E-N WT42R-N WTPS42OWE AVJ42BKBDL SUDMC-42-RD WT42E-N/WTD WT42RBE WTPS42OWE-B AVJ42DL SUDMC-42-YW WT42E-P WT42RE WTPS42OWME-B AVJ42DL-RB SUDMC-42DL-BK WT42E-P/WTD WT42RE-B WTPS42P-B AVJ42DL-RD SUDMC-42KB-BK WT42G WT42RE-B/WTD WTPS42PE AVJ42DL-YW SUDMC-42KB-RB WT42G-B WT42RE-N WTPS42PE-B AVJ42KB SUDMC-42KB-RD WT42G-N WT42RNH-B WTPS42PE-N AVJ42KB-BY SUDMC-42KB-YW WT42GBE WT42S WTPS42PME AVJ42KB-CH SUDMC-42KBDL-BK WT42GE WT42TN WTPS42PME-B AVJ42KB-GN SUDMC-42KBDL-RB WT42GE-B WT42TN-B WTPS42PME-N AVJ42KB-LG W42A WT42GE-B/WTD WT42TN-B/WTD WTPS42R-B AVJ42KB-OW W42ABU WT42GE-N WT42TNE WTPS42RE-B AVJ42KB-P W42ABUE WT42GME-B/WTD WT42TNE-B WTPS42RE-N AVJ42KB-RB W42ABUEKB WT42GY WT42TNE-N WTPS42RME-B AVJ42KB-RB/WFSB W42ABUEKBDL WT42GY-B WT42Y WTPS42RME-N AVJ42KB-RD W42ABYEKB WT42GY-B/WTD WT42Y-B WTPS42YE-B AVJ42KB-RD/WFSB W42AE WT42GY-N WT42Y-B/WTD WTPS42YME-N AVJ42KB-T W42AEKB WT42GYBE WT42Y-N WTPS42Z-N AVJ42KB-WH W42AEKBDL WT42GYE WT42YE WTPS42ZE AVJ42KB-WH+2MM W42AG WT42GYE-B WT42YE-B WTPS42ZE-B AVJ42KB-WH+MLAP W42AGE WT42GYE-B/WTD WT42YE-N WTPS42ZE-N AVJ42KB-YW W42AGEKB WT42GYE-N WT42YE/WTD WTPS42ZME AVJ42KB-Z W42AKB WT42GYE-N/WTD WT42Z WTPS42ZME-B AVJ42KB/WFSB W42AR WT42GYE/WTD WT42Z-B WTPS42ZME-N AVJ42KBDL W42ARE WT42GYME-N/WTD WT42Z-B/WTD WTPSLP42BYE-B AVJ42KBDL-BY W42AREKB WT42HG WT42Z-N WTPSLP42BYE-N AVJ42KBDL-GN W42AREKBDL WT42HG-B WT42ZE WTPSLP42E-B AVJ42KBDL-LG W42AY WT42HG-N WT42ZE-B WTPSLP42E-N AVJ42KBDL-RB W42AYE WT42HGE WT42ZE-B/WTD WTPSLP42GE-N AVJ42KBDL-RB/M W42AYEKB WT42HGE-B WT42ZE-N WTPSLP42GYE AVJ42KBDL-RD W42E WT42HGE-B/WTD WT42ZE-N/WTD WTPSLP42PE AVJ42KBDL-YW WT42 WT42HGE-N WT42ZME-B/WTD WTPSLP42PE-B AVJ42KBDL/WFSB WT42-B/WTD WT42ME WT42ZME/WTD WTPSLP42PE-N AVJ42KBN WT42-N WT42ME-B/WTD WTPS42-B WTPSLP42RE-N AVJ42N WT42-P WT42ME-N/WTD WTPS42-BASE WTPSLP42ZE AVJ42N-BY WT42-P/WTD WT42ME-P/WTD WTPS42-N WTPSLP42ZE-B AVJ42N-GN WT42/WTD WT42NH WTPS42-P WTPSLP42ZE-N AVJ42N-OW WT42B WT42NHR-B WTPS42BU-N WTPSP42-B AVJ42N-RB WT42BE WT42OR WTPS42BUE WTPSP42BUE LP42-B WT42BU WT42OR-B WTPS42BUE-B WTPSP42BUE-N LP42BW-B WT42BU-B WT42OR-B/WTD WTPS42BUE-N WTPSP42E-B LP42E-B WT42BU-B/WTD WT42OR-N WTPS42BUME-N WTPSP42E-N LP42EBW-B WT42BU-N WT42ORE WTPS42BY-B WTPSP42E-P LP42LE-B WT42BUBE WT42ORE-B WTPS42BY-N WTPSP42ZE LP42LE-B-FLUTE WT42BUE WT42ORE-B/WTD WTPS42BYE-B WTPSP42ZE-B LP42LP-B WT42BUE-B WT42ORE-N WTPS42BYE-N WTPSP42ZE-N [Learn More]

About 84,700 (In addition, approximately 1,650 were sold in Canada) units were affected by this recall.

Luxor A/V carts
Luxor Workspaces Recalls Audiovisual Carts Due to Serious Tip-Over Hazard; Three Deaths Reported

Recalled W42ARE metal A/V cart (also sold as AVJ42 and SS-AVJ42). Recalled WT42 H. Wilson "Tuffy" plastic A/V cart

Luxor A/V carts Recall Information

Recall Date04/13/2023
Recall ID9590
Recall Number23177
HazardThe recalled audiovisual (A/V) carts can become unstable when loaded with heavy objects, such as cathode-ray tube televisions (CRT TVs). When loaded with heavy objects such as CRT TVs, the recalled A/V carts pose a tip-over hazard to children, which can result in serious injury or death.
InjuriesThree children have died, and one child was seriously injured in incidents where recalled A/V carts carrying a "box" shaped television (CRT TV) tipped over and landed on them. The incidents occurred between 2006 and 2016.
RemedyConsumers should stop using the recalled carts immediately and contact Luxor for a free repair. Luxor will provide metal ballast kits, which should be installed by the consumer to the lower shelf of the cart to add stability and weight. New warning labels cautioning consumers to place no more than 25 lbs. on each shelf will also be provided. Consumers should attach these warning labels on each shelf.
Remedy OptionRepair
ContactLuxor Workspaces at 800-323-4656 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, by email at [email protected], or online at or and click on "IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION" at the top of the page for more information.
Last Updated04/13/2023
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