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Poseidon M28A Dive Computers

Description: This recall involves Poseidon M28A Dive Computers used for diving. They calculate continuously and present needed data for divers. The M28A works stand alone or in combination with the Poseidon SE7EN Rebreather. Only dive computers with a serial number starting with "M28A-" are included in this recall. The serial number and two metallic wet-switches are located on the back side of the recalled dive computers. [Learn More]

About 100 units were affected by this recall.

Poseidon M28A Dive Computers
Poseidon Diving Systems Recalls Poseidon M28A Dive Computers Due to Injury Hazard

Front of Recalled Poseidon A28A Dive Computer. Serial Number beginning with "M28A-" and two wet-switches located on the back of recalled Poseidon A28 Dive Computer

Poseidon M28A Dive Computers Recall Information

Country of OriginSweden
Recall Date06/22/2023
Recall ID9651
Recall Number23226
HazardThe recalled Poseidon M28A Dive Computers can stop working due to intake of water causing a malfunctioning depth sensor resulting in a loss of dive data for the diver, posing an injury hazard.
InjuriesThe firm has received one report within the U.S. of water intake causing the depth sensor and other electronic components of the dive computer to malfunction. No injuries have been reported.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the recalled dive computers and contact Poseidon Diving Systems at [email protected] to return the product via free return shipping and receive a free repair.
Remedy OptionRepair
ContactPoseidon Diving Systems at 800-858-6729, by email at [email protected] or online at or and click on "PRODUCT RECALL - M28A" at the top of the page for more information.
Last Updated06/22/2023
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