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Sneaker Basel Double Magnetic Levitation Displays

Description: This recall involves two models of Culture Kings' Sneaker Basel Double Magnetic Levitation Displays used to showcase floating pairs of sneakers at home by consumers. Model CXF-22, Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Display 2, has a black or black/white color combination rectangular frame. Model CXF-24B, Stackable Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Display, has an uppercase I-shaped black frame. The displays have LED lighting and were sold with or without a remote control. Both models came with two magnets, counterweight beads and a power adaptor. The Culture Kings logo appears on the side of the display. Only displays that levitate two sneakers are included in this recall. [Learn More]

About 4,300 units were affected by this recall.

Sneaker Basel Double Magnetic Levitation Displays
Culture Kings Recalls Sneaker Basel Magnetic Levitation Displays Due to Laceration and Ingestion Hazards

Recalled Culture King's Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Display 2 - black. Recalled Culture King's Magnetic Levitation Sneaker Display 2 - black and white

Sneaker Basel Double Magnetic Levitation Displays Recall Information

Country of OriginChina
Recall Date03/21/2024
Recall ID9895
Recall Number24166
HazardThe sneaker display's magnets can forcefully attract, break, splinter and emit sparks, posing a laceration hazard. In addition, when two or more high-powered magnets are swallowed, either accidentally or intentionally, the ingested magnets can attract each other and become lodged in the digestive system. This can lead to perforations, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines that can lead to infection and death.
InjuriesThe firm has received one report of an incident in the U.S. where the magnets collided and shattered during use, without injury. The firm has received seven reports of incidents in Australia where the magnets collided and shattered during use, including four minor injuries.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the recalled displays, store them away and contact Culture Kings for a full refund. Consumers should keep the magnets at least six inches apart during handling. If the magnets come together, consumers should not attempt to separate them. Consumers will be asked to request free "Recalled Product" stickers for the magnets and to place a sticker on the metal side of each magnet, destroy the display by cutting the power cord, and upload a photo of the stickered magnets and destroyed display to The magnets and sneaker display should be discarded after the refund is received.
Remedy OptionDispose
ContactCulture Kings toll-free at 888-520-1885 from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. PT Sunday through Tuesday, 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. PT Wednesday through Thursday and 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. PT on Fridays; email at [email protected]; or online at or at and click on "Recall" for more information.
Last Updated03/21/2024
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