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Intimidator and Mahindra branded utility vehicles (UTVs)

Description: This recall involves Intimidator and Mahindra branded models 750, 800, 1000, TGB, GC1K and electric utility vehicles (UTVs). The recalled UTVs were sold in a variety of colors. "Intimidator" or "Mahindra" is displayed on the front grill and the model series is printed on the rear-side panels. The serial number can be found on a label inside the glove box, inside the hood compartment and below the driver's seat. The serial range of the recalled Intimidator UTVs is 000000 to 014034. The serial range of the recalled Mahindra UTVs is 000000 to 010545. The following UTVs are included in this recall: Make & Model Model Years: Intimidator GC1K Classic 2018-2023 Intimidator GC1K Crew 2019-2023 Intimidator GC1K Truck 2019-2023 Intimidator 750 Classic 2013-2023 Intimidator 750 Crew 2014-2022 Intimidator 750 Truck 2013-2022 Intimidator 800 Classic 2015-2018 Intimidator 800 Crew Intimidator 800 Enforcer 2016-2018 Intimidator 1000 Diesel Classic 2013-2023 Intimidator 1000 Diesel Crew 2013-2022 Intimidator 1000 Diesel Truck 2013-2023 Intimidator Electric Classic 2013-2023 Mahindra Retriever 750 Classic 2015-2020 Mahindra Retriever 750 Crew 2015-2020 Mahindra Retriever 750 Truck 2015-2020 Mahindra TGB Classic 2015-2020 Mahindra TGB Crew 2015-2020 Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Classic 2015-2020 Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Crew 2015-2020 Mahindra Retriever 1000 Diesel Truck 2015-2020 [Learn More]

About 19,264 units were affected by this recall.

Intimidator and Mahindra branded utility vehicles (UTVs)
Intimidator Recalls Intimidator and Mahindra Utility Vehicles (UTVs) Due to Crash Hazard

Recalled Intimidator & Mahindra Classic 750 UTV. Recalled Intimidator & Mahindra Classic 750cc UTV

Intimidator and Mahindra branded utility vehicles (UTVs) Recall Information

Country of OriginUnited States
Recall Date04/11/2024
Recall ID9922
Recall Number24196
HazardThe universal joint can fail and pierce and sever the brake line, posing a crash hazard.
InjuriesThe firm has received 40 reports of incidents, including 12 involving a brake line impact. No injuries have been reported.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the recalled utility vehicles and contact an Intimidator or Mahindra authorized dealer to schedule a free repair.
Remedy OptionRepair
ContactIntimidator toll-free at 888-215-8121 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, email at [email protected], or online at and click on "RECALL INFORMATION" at the top of the website's main landing page for more information. For Mahindra-branded UTVs, visit or and click on "Recall Notices" at the bottom of the page for more information. Intimidator is contacting all registered purchasers by mail.
Last Updated04/11/2024
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