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Name Date
Parent’s PLAY + LEARN Parents Magazine Soft Landing Beanbag cushions 05/23/2014
Tailored Baby Comfort Cushion infant cushions 01/12/2015
Comfort Tote infant cushions 01/14/2015
Baby Jacks Bean Bag cushions 01/15/2015
MFP Sof-Sak infant bean bag cushions 01/15/2015
U.S. Mom’s Baby’s Cloud infant cushions 01/16/2015
Support Sack bean bag infant cushions 01/13/2015
Baby Sak bean bag infant cushions 01/13/2015
Fourth Little Pig Baby-Minder bean bag infant cushions 01/30/2015
Mother’s Helper infant cushions 01/15/2015
Sesame Street, Disney Babies Toddletime Support Sack infant cushions 01/15/2015

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