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Name Date
Metal Halide Lamps 05/24/2016
High-intensity LED lamps 03/16/2016
Helen GX23 LED lamps 01/27/2016
Technical Consumer Products (TCP) and Great Value LED lamps 04/18/2016
Halogen Bulbs 09/15/2015
T8 LED lamps 08/25/2015
Cree® LED T8 replacement lamps 06/04/2015
ProLED bulbs 01/09/2015
KolourOne Brand Panel Array 2.0 and DUO 2.0 PAR LED Light Bulbs 01/08/2015
Candelabra LED Bulbs 05/23/2014
Endura and Ambient LED dimmable light bulbs 01/26/2015
Metal Halide Lamps 04/28/2016
LED Light Bulbs 05/04/2015
LED Night Light 04/21/2016
EnergySaver a/k/a/Marathon or Marathon Classic Compact Fluorescent Dimmable Reflector lamps 05/06/2016
Light Bulbs 07/06/2016

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