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ProLED bulbs

Description: This recall involves 14 Halco LED bulb models used in recessed lights, as outdoor security lighting and in retail displays. The bulbs have a metal cone-shaped housing, are silver in color, either 14 or 18 watts, and have clusters of 6 to 16 LEDs. "ProLED" is printed on a label on the plastic housing of the bulb along with model numbers, product names, and date codes. The PAR30 bulbs measure about 4.75 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. The PAR38 bulbs measure about 4.75 inches long and 4.75 inches wide. The following models are included in the recall: Model Number Product Name Beginning Production Code Date Ending Production Code Date 80643 PAR30/14WW/NFL/LED 12/2010 12/2011 80644 PAR30/14WW/FL/LED 09/2010 10/2011 80645 PAR30/14WW/VWFL/LED 05/2010 07/2011 80646 PAR30/14NW/NFL/LED 11/2010 03/2012 80647 PAR30/14NW/FL/LED 03/2011 03/2012 80648 PAR30/14NW/VWFL/LED 09/2010 08/2011 80674 PAR30/14WW/SP/LED2 03/2010 04/2011 80676 PAR30/14WW/FL/LED2 03/2010 09/2011 80678 PAR30/14NW/SP/LED2 03/2010 12/2010 80680 PAR30/14NW/FL/LED2 03/2010 11/2010 80757 PAR30/14WW/FL/GU24/LED 06/2011 03/2012 80758 PAR30/14NW/FL/GU24/LED 06/2011 07/2011 80670 PAR38/18WW/FL/LED 05/2009 05/2011 80671 PAR38/18NW/FL/LED 05/2009 09/2011 [Source]

ProLED bulbs
Halco Recalls LED Bulbs Due to Risk of Injury and Burn Hazards

ProLED PAR30. Models 80643, 80644, 80645, 80646, 80647, 80648, 80757 and 80758.

About 9,500 units were affected by this recall.

ProLED bulbs Recall Information

Country of OriginChina
Recall Date07/15/2014
Recall ID1727
Recall Number14231
Product TypeLight Bulbs
HazardThe LED bulbs can overheat and fall onto consumers below, posing impact and burn hazards.
InjuriesThe firm has received reports of five incidents of the LED bulbs separating from the socket. No injuries have been reported.
RemedyConsumers should immediately stop using the recalled LED bulbs, remove the bulbs from the fixture and contact Halco for free replacement LED bulbs.
Remedy OptionReplace
ContactHalco toll-free at (844) 277-0177 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at and click on LED Bulb Recall for more information.
Last Updated01/09/2015
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